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New eBay Motors Post – 993 Replies And Still Going

announcement new ebay motors

Wow.. Look at this announcement post about the NEW eBay Motors! 993 Replies and about to hit 1000. Who is going to snipe the thousandth post? It’s really interesting how eBay could totally louse up a good thing like eBay Motors. Now they are sending out surveys to the dealers that list on eBay Motors […]

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The New eBay Motors Page Load Statistics

eBay Motors Loosing Traction

Doc has been observing all the complaining about the NEW eBay Motors and decided to run it through just too see just how bad it sucked for himself. Wholly Smokes! What a big fat bloated pig it indeed is.. Oink Oink.. Snort Snort.. I would be too embarrassed to put my brand on that […]

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eBay Is Retiring The OLD eBay Motors On April 13th

rob chesney ebay

Looks like eBay is retiring the old eBay Motors and forcing the new site to be the only choice There’sĀ  a lot of griping HERE on the eBay Motors Discussion Board. Doc hears there are Issues with it’s speed and load time – and lots of complaints about the search operation. He is on Road […]


eBay Selling Pay-Per-Click Ads Via It’s Partner Network

eBay Selling PPC Ads

eBay is offering sellers pay-per-click advertising through it’s partner network. Doc wonders if this has anything to do with eBay sellers listing and keywords not being visible through any normal off site search. In Doc’s previous post he did a series of tests on eBay Motors Vehicles VIN Searches. Doc recently conducted more tests on […]

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Has Google Dropped eBay From It’s Index

Google Search

Doc remembers not too long ago when we could Google up a vehicles Id number (VIN). It was an easy way to see where a scam car came from. Most of the scammers usually steal their vehicle info and photos from either a closed eBay listing, or from Someone would come on the eBay […]


Photos And Tales From eBay Live AKA eBay Dead

ebay live 2008 aerial photo

Looks like eBay Live 2008 Was A Big Flop. This eBay members post on eBay’s eBay Live Discussion Board Was Priceless. My husband and I were so disillusioned with the conference that we went home on Friday morning. We purchased priority passes for the second year and we had even reserved our hotel room almost […]

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Vlad “Vladuz” Duiculescu Arrested Video

Vladuz With A List Of eBay Employees eMail Addresses and Passwords.

Here is a video and a couple of shots of Vladuz the alleged eBay hacker in his apartment, and being led into a Romanian police station. The big $64 question is, did eBay bag the guilty person? Or pin it on another hacker for a corporate public relations spin? Vladuz, the notorious hacker who repeatedly […]

{ 4 Comments } Reports Vladuz Busted In Romania

Vladuz eBay Hacker

According to this tip: Hey Doc, Romanian media just reported that a 20 year old from Bucharest has been arrested under suspicion that he is eBay’s pain in the ass Vladuz. Apparently they finally managed to trace an IP on him and busted his apartment at 6 a.m. this morning. He threw 3 laptops out […]


eBay One Way Feedback Giving Buyers FREE Items

eBay Original Feedback Community Values

eBay is attempting to clean up their site by making changes to the feedback system. Sellers will no longer be allowed to leave Neutral or Negative Feedback for buyers. This new Feedback rule is opening the door to bad buyer fraud! šŸ˜” Scamming and Extorting Buyers have been a serious problem for car dealer vehicle […]


Some Things On eBay Never Change Including Scams

Well lookie here.. The NEW eBay Motors – Complete with a Scam Listing! Beware of listings like this with “too good to be true pricing” You will be scammed and loose all your money! These scammers are really slick – they specialize in separating greedy American sheep from their wallets! The greatest majority of these […]

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The NEW eBay Motors Is Here

The NEW eBay Motors Is Here

eBay Has Finally Rolled Out The New And Improved eBay Motors! I see there is a lot of grumbling going on in the eBay Motors Discussion Board about it. Apparently the search is hosed up – and someone said it is not compatible with the Opera web browser. Here is a big thread with eBay […]


Don’t Pay The Romanian Stupidity Tax

Romanian Scam Alert

No one, it turns out, does Internet auction fraud like the Romanians. Bulgarians specialize in intellectual property theft; Ukraine is a leader in online credit card crime; the Russians have a profitable niche in Internet dating fraud. But when it comes to online auctions, particularly for big-ticket items such as cars that can yield $5,000 […]


The Dumbest eBay Motors Auction Ever

knight rider trans am ebay auction

The Knight Rider Trans Am. And the seller (an attorney it seems) has no photos of the car – but does have a photo of Charlie Brown & Snoopy sitting on a dock. And he wonders why there are no bids yet! Geeeeezzzzz.. Starting Bid is only $20,000.00 šŸ˜† Here is a screen capture if […]