Fraudulent Dependable Auto Shipping Website

Scammers Fake DAS Auto Shipping Website

This counterfeit Dependable Auto Shippers Website was uncovered by Internet Scammers Blog. This website is probably used in conjunction with the Fake eBay VPP Scam and Scam eBay Live Support Chat websites. Fraudsters use look-a-like websites in an attempt to add visual legitimacy to their illegal operations. Don’t swallow the sucker bait and lose your money! Together a few sites like these look good to the untrained newbie vehicle shopper! See the Who Is Record for this domain, which was probably registered with someones stolen credit card. Note the Difference…

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Update On Scammers Using eBay Buyer Protection

The eBay Warehouse

Doc has noticed scammers are now also using Amazons brand name targeting car buyers in the net. eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection is still the preferred method. To qualify for this VPP protection you MUST be a REGISTERED eBay Member, and either Officially Win an Auction on eBay Motors, OR through purchasing a Vehicle by clicking the BUY NOW Button on a legitimate eBay Motors Fixed Price BUY NOW Listing! Furthermore. Let it be known that there is only one eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection plan (VPP), and that is provided by…

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Police Nab Crooks From Organized Cyber Crime Ring

Romainian Scammers Busted

70 Internet Scammers Down and sitting in the clink. Now we need to get the rest of the wanna be scammers that will soon take over! In other words don’t let your guard down and fall for another scammers bait.  As long as consumers believe there is a vehicle in mint condition, with free shipping, and offered for half of it’s book value, these scams will continue! We can put the remaining scammers like these out of business if we quit swallowing the sucker bait! More info HERE and HERE. …

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