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George Zimmerman Donations PayPal TOS Violation

If you have not already heard about it, George Zimmerman put up a website and is asking for donations for his legal defense fund, and living expenses. Zimmerman wrote on his new website: “I cannot attest to the validity of the other websites.” It has been confirmed that the site is real and is […]

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PayPal Android iPhone Cross Account Scripting Glitch

Doc has read several comments on the web about a possible PayPal mobile app cross account scripting bug. Ever since the last major service interruption on 04/04/2012 when eBay members were unable to checkout with PayPal. There have been stories circulating about PayPal Red Flag Alerts after buyers were finally able to make eBay purchase […]

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PayPal Glitch Raises Red Flags Among eBay Sellers

After eBay resolved a bad technical glitch that shut down eBay PayPal Checkout on Wednesday, PayPal experienced another glitch on Thursday in which many or all transactions were shown to sellers as being high risk. The eBay PayPal Forum was buzzing with questions from eBay sellers about what to do with their transaction payments red […]

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eBay Pulls Announcement About PayPal Glitch

PayPal Funds Frozen??

The net was buzzing late Wednesday afternoon about eBay buyers not being able to pay with PayPal. Some were able to log into their PayPal accounts directly, but were not able to pay for eBay items won. EcommerceBytes published this announcement on their blog: eBay buyers are having problems paying for items through PayPal, and […]

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eBay Forum Moderator LiveWorld BBB F Rating

Internet Sockpuppet

Why would a business that specializes in providing and moderating community forums ignore a BBB Complaint? From what i read on the San Jose BBB Website, LiveWorld didn’t respond to a complaint that was filed against the company, and never responded to numerous inquires from the BBB. It’s a big ole LOL! that a company […]

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eBay Forums Down – Liveworld Mission Impossible

Liveworld Forums

eBay forums are down. Wonder what croaked this time? Obviously it must have something to do with eBay’s Forum host and brand moderation team. Did this mission turn out to be Impossible? Did someone hack the crap out of them? Or did the thing just croak of being overloaded with Trolls, Shills, and Sock […]

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EBay Executive Eric Salvatierra Killed By Train

PayPal Funds Frozen??

An executive at eBay Inc.’s PayPal business unit who had served as finance chief at the company’s former Internet calling unit Skype was struck and killed by a train in Silicon Valley on Friday. Eric Salvatierra was 39. He was hit by a Caltrain commuter train in Menlo Park, Calif. A spokeswoman for Caltrain said […]

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It’s A Double Whammy Bad Day For eBay and PayPal

eBay pirated software

eBay could have become the largest worldwide verified buyers / sellers membership club, where anyone could buy whatever they needed with confidence. Along the line of what Angie’s List is doing today with services. But CEO John Donahoe went in and chopped eBay to pieces. Donahoe’s destructive innovation did just what it was intended to […]


Docs 2012 Year End Roundup eBay Motors Still Sucks

Seller tjelectronics1 feedback

Reports of my death after being held captive at the Utah, eBay Draper Terror Center and confinement camp are false. I managed to escape after bribing an eBay Guard with a knock off Rolex Watch i bought on eBay from a Chinese seller (he swore it was real) 😆 When i escaped, eBay still had […]


Shills And Sockpuppets Eroding Trust On The Web

Internet Sockpuppet

Trust in information on the web is being damaged by the huge numbers of people paid by companies to post comments online Could eBay be guilty of doing this? It’s been said more than once that’s the case. eBay community manager “John Bodine” brags about using his community as lab rats, and using agents to […]

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eBay Tracking Discussions With Google Analytics

ebay forum tracking code

eBay forum members beware you are being tracked. In a blink of an eye Doc noticed a flash by his browser while a page was loading. Further investigation of eBay discussion boards page source code revealed a snippet of Google Analytics code embedded in the header. Google Analytics is a finely tuned piece of tracking […]

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eBay Opening Fulfillment Center Aids China Sellers

eBay Fulfillment Center

There is nothing like buying online and waiting for your item to arrive. In another brain fart – eBay CEO John Donahoe is hoping to compete with Amazon by opening his very own Fulfillment Center. He is hoping that eBay will sell more items from Chinese sellers if buyers can get it faster. I remember […]

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CEO Boasts eBay Sells 2600 Cars By iPhone App

Are eBay's Ears Ringing

About 2:00 into this video eBay’s CEO John Donahoe proudly proclaims eBay sells 2600 Cars via their iPhone app. Well i guess that’s possible if it’s that easy to look at a car and click the buy now button. But i have to wonder if that is media hype, or even worse, how many of […]

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John Bodine Talks About eBay Forum Manipulation

eBay John Bodine

It’s often said that “eBay Pinks” get hateful replies to any board posts they either start or engage posters in. Lets face it, eBay is not the happy place it was years ago. It appears that just about every eBay forum has at least one regular poster that is very active, and could be an […]


eBay Forum Sterilization Keeps The Site Looking Good

eBay Discussion Board Censorship Sucks

Doc previously blogged about an eBay member that gave countless hours daily helping other eBay members with problem transactions and providing links and quoting eBay policy for whatever the situation might have been. You see, eBay used to be about community and members helping other members. But since the John Donahoe regime took over Meg […]

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eBay Hacker Vladuz Released From Prison

Vladuz - eBay Hacker From Hell

eBay hacker Vladuz released from prison. This is a translation of THIS ARTICLE posted on In Drăgăşani, people have seen today, in freedom, Liviu Mihail Concioiu (23 years), after which the hacker the FBI and Secret Service, arrested on September 23, 2010 for fraud on the Internet. “I visit her sister, parents, in his […]


Former eBay Employee Claims eBay Ending Auctions

eBay Pulled Post On Seller Central From Former Employee - Re eBay Ending Auction Format

eBay seller central forums posting by John Delson claiming eBay was ending the auction format. eBay promptly Pulled This Whole Thread yesterday. It is available for a short time via Google cached search but will most likely be removed soon. And here is the Full Screen Capture in png format. Click to expand in your […]


Consumer Fraud Awareness Car Buying Website DDOS Attack

Consumer Fraud Awareness Website DDOS Attack

In July 2011 motor vehicle specific consumer fraud awareness website eBay Motors Sucks was the victim of a Devastating DDOS Attack that took it offline for over a week. It appears eBay Inc ordered the crippling attack. At that time, unknown to me the FBI was investigating scammers using eBay vehicle purchase protection (VPP) brand fraud […]

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eBay Selling Pay-Per-Click Ads Via It’s Partner Network

eBay Selling PPC Ads

eBay is offering sellers pay-per-click advertising through it’s partner network. Doc wonders if this has anything to do with eBay sellers listing and keywords not being visible through any normal off site search. In Doc’s previous post he did a series of tests on eBay Motors Vehicles VIN Searches. Doc recently conducted more tests on […]

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Has Google Dropped eBay From It’s Index

Google Search

Doc remembers not too long ago when we could Google up a vehicles Id number (VIN). It was an easy way to see where a scam car came from. Most of the scammers usually steal their vehicle info and photos from either a closed eBay listing, or from Someone would come on the eBay […]


Photos And Tales From eBay Live AKA eBay Dead

ebay live 2008 aerial photo

Looks like eBay Live 2008 Was A Big Flop. This eBay members post on eBay’s eBay Live Discussion Board Was Priceless. My husband and I were so disillusioned with the conference that we went home on Friday morning. We purchased priority passes for the second year and we had even reserved our hotel room almost […]

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Vlad “Vladuz” Duiculescu Arrested Video

Vladuz With A List Of eBay Employees eMail Addresses and Passwords.

Here is a video and a couple of shots of Vladuz the alleged eBay hacker in his apartment, and being led into a Romanian police station. The big $64 question is, did eBay bag the guilty person? Or pin it on another hacker for a corporate public relations spin? Vladuz, the notorious hacker who repeatedly […]

{ 4 Comments } Reports Vladuz Busted In Romania

Vladuz eBay Hacker

According to this tip: Hey Doc, Romanian media just reported that a 20 year old from Bucharest has been arrested under suspicion that he is eBay’s pain in the ass Vladuz. Apparently they finally managed to trace an IP on him and busted his apartment at 6 a.m. this morning. He threw 3 laptops out […]