eBay Buyer Return Shipping Fraud Another Seller Scammed

eBay Buyer Fraud Example

Another case of eBay buyer fraud recently surfaced. This seller sold a set of speakers. As it often happens the buyer claimed the item was defective. Seller paid for return shipping and received a small bubble-mailer envelope. When he opened the package it contained a pair of well worn smartphone earbuds. Fortunately this seller has mastered social media and has around 31k YouTube subscribers. The seller produced this video telling his story. He also used flash cards to break down the eBay and PayPal plus shipping fees. Obviously he’s rightfully…

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eBay Subdomains Hemorrhaging SEO Backlinks

search.ebay.com Dead Subdomain not redirected

Site changes have left these two subdomains unlinked from the sites DNS wasting oodles of previous back-links that could bring in sales. Even a hobbyist like Doc knows dead links are a no-no for serious webmasters. 🙄 “Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at search.ebay.com”. C’mon guys.. This is beginning webmaster SEO stuff. How can a major corporation such as our example here leave this subdomain un-redirected? Wildcard redirect to a page with a search box so shoppers can find what there looking for. Over the years there…

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Nightmare After Clicking On Webinterpret Promo Link

Webinterpret hacked my ebay account

According to this eBay store owner a Webinterpret promotional link offered assistance reaching buyers in international markets. The seller clicked it to learn what it was about – but claims he did not sign up for the offering. Maybe just clicking the link while being signed into his sellers account opted him in for their services? 🙁 From the eBay stores community forum: Webinterpret hacked into my ebay account. They duplicated all of my listings 4-6 times each listing. My usual 200 live listings became over 1200 listings. Each listing…

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Seeking Alpha Article: eBay Time Is Running Out

eBay Earnings Report Q1 2018 Seeking Alpha

Make no mistake: eBay (EBAY) is heading for a wipeout in the not-too-distant future. The company’s latest Q1 results reveal a platform that’s struggling to be relevant to users. Poor forward-looking guidance indicates management’s future uncertainty. Published by Seeking Alpha’s Gary Alexander. “eBay shares have lost about 5% since posting disappointing Q1 results. But the company still sports a hefty $40 billion market cap. Anyone who can remember the fallout of Yahoo only a few years ago will recognize how hard Internet giants can stumble when they fall out of…

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PayPal Partner In Buyer Return Fraud With eBay Inc

PayPal ChargeBack NOT Safe For Sellers

Last week eBay announced it would be partnering with Adyen for marketplace payments. Doc wonders if PayPal is dumping eBay Inc because of marketplace buyer fraud? Doc has witnessed many consumers who lost large sums of money to PayPal ChargeBacks. Adyen probably has no idea what they are getting involved in leaping into bed with eBay Inc. Consumers are urged to trust PayPal for payments because it is safe. And it is safe 99% of the time for buyers on eBay marketplace. But PayPal is NOT SAFE for sellers who…

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eBay Ditching PayPal For Adyen Payments

eBay Chooses Adyen For Marketplace Payments Processor

Wonder what’s behind eBay dumping PayPal as it’s major payments processor? It is being reported Dutch company, Adyen will be the new payments processor for marketplace payments. Possibly PayPal is concerned about being a partner in eBay buyer return fraud? We’ve read horror stories about how sleazy eBay buyers are stealing money from eBay sellers in whats called return fraud. This kind of payments fraud goes something like this. Buyer purchases an iPhone from a new or occasional eBay seller. Seller ships item to buyer who either claims it did…

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Getting Even At Any Cost Revenge Smear Campaign

Revenge For Whistleblowing Corporate Fraud

Doc became the target of this revenge smear campaign after starting a motor vehicle specific consumer fraud awareness website. He was the 1st Tampa Bay Florida used car dealer to offer automobiles for sale on eBay back in 1999. Things were great back in 1999, but soon afterword scams and fraud started chipping away at the founders cornerstone of trust. European fraudsters soon were listing non-existent cars for sale at too-good to-be-true prices. Trusting community members were losing their money left and right. Doc started a website to educate potential…

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Restoring Community Values & Trust Will Make eBay Great Again

eBay Community Founders Statement 1996

Back in 1999 Doc started building his reputation as an eBay seller. He offered quality Florida retiree used car trade-ins. eBay provided an exciting new way to sell used cars worldwide and was a huge hit. New markets were created where there were none. He shipped some cars he sold and other delivery’s were what he advertised as fly-in drive-home. Buyers would fly to his local airport and Doc would pick them up. Drive to the car lot and do the paperwork, then issue a temporary tag. This process took…

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Deeply Buried Motor Vehicle Fraud Awareness Search Keywords

EBMS Blog Search Position

Valuable Motor Vehicle Specific Consumer Fraud Awareness information and good advice deeply buried in Google search index. It’s who you know in corporate America that matters! This article and included narrated screen video is a good example what happened when Doc blogged damaging negative information about eBay INC. We recently published this screen video of our webmaster tools search placement key-phrases, sorted by highest search position. 🙁 After over 13 years online – we’re not ready to give up on this website yet! Buying a car online? Check out Doc’s…

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eBay CEO Tells Used Car Dealers How To Sell Automobiles

Devin Wenig eBay Motors Offering From Yesterday

This long time Motors used car dealer sent a letter to eBay CEO Devin Wenig complaining about low sales on the site. He was told how to sell used cars properly on the website. Back in the beginning it was Trust and Community Values that made selling automobiles work so great on eBay Motors. But it’s our opinion that years of raw deals and fraud has reduced this niche venue to that of a common classified website. The seller in question is one of eBay’s original top used car dealers…

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eBay Buyers Continue Stealing Items From Sellers

iPhone Seller Defrauded By eBay PayPal Buyers

An occasional seller placed his iPhone 6 up for sale on eBay. As it often happens the buyer filed a Seller Not As Described claim (SNAD) with eBay who froze the funds in his PayPal account. Photo of damaged iPhone 6 eBay buyer sent to seller See the link below to the sellers website for full details on this failed eBay transaction. From DavidTarver.com: I found out the hard way that EBay is facilitating the theft of items people post for sale on their site. I just had an experience with…

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eBay Malware Alert From Windows 10 Edge Browser

eBay Unsafe Content Warning

eBay shoppers are Seeing RED Literally. An Unsafe Content Warning is blocking sellers descriptions, according to eBay community forums. This malware alert is coming from Microsoft Windows 10 and it’s Edge Browser. It’s anyone’s best guess if this is a false positive. eBay is well known for malware alerts. From the selling community forum. It started last night. I was on the phone with CS until midnight, which of course, they knew nothing about it. I told them I was using the latest versions of windows 10 and IE. It…

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Falsely Flagged As Phishing Website Revokes SSL / TLS Cert

CloudFlare SSL Certificate Revoked After Domain Falsely Flagged For Phishing

For the second time in close to a year our CloudFlare supplied SSL security certificate was revoked. Like the 1st time, the rat fink targeted CloudFlare who provides our primary transport layer encryption certificate. Fortunately for us, we have backup certs installed on our server and were able to successfully switch to them while CloudFlare verified our credentials with their certificate authority. The false claim was eventually resolved. It’s really this simple – eBayMotorsSucks.com domain is fair use of the eBay trade name. This website does not solicit donations, run…

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eBay And Member Security Still Does Not Compute

eBay And Member Security

Another dangerous eBay security vulnerability was recently discovered by researchers. This allows fraudsters using a highly advanced coding technique known as JSfuck, to install malware on unsuspecting members smartphones. We have been observing eBay security vulnerabilities back as far as 2004, examples are Here Here and Here. Why they allow this sloppy security is anyone’s best guess. But we believe profits trump good security. 😆 From arstechnica.com: eBay has no plans to fix a “severe” vulnerability that allows attackers to use the company’s trusted website to distribute malicious code and phishing pages,…

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eBay PayPal Face Federal Racketeering Lawsuit

eBay Inc & PayPal Face Federal Racketeering (RICO) Lawsuit

A civil Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) lawsuit against eBay and PayPal was filed in Federal Court (complaint copy) claiming eBay knowingly and deliberately facilitates, proliferates and profits from the ongoing sale of counterfeit and fake products on its website. From TheCounterfeitReport.com: RICO Allegations in the landmark case identify ongoing practices by the $18 billion e-commerce giant in aiding and profiting from the $1.7 trillion global counterfeit product industry. The sale of counterfeit products infringe on U.S. Trademarks, threaten the health and safety of consumers, and damage the economy. The infringing products…

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eBay SEO For Organic “FREE” Search Indexing

eBay SEO placement in organic search

Is it possible to Search Engine Optimize an eBay Sellers Listing so it is easily accessible via external Google or Bing organic (free) search? This topic has been been getting some attention lately, as some eBay sellers are concerned why their auctions and buy now listings are not appearing in Google search. eBay sellers item text descriptions are displayed on the seller’s item page. But are physically embedded in whats called an inline frame. This is what’s commonly referred to as an iFrame among seo’s. An iFrame is a web…

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Is eBay CEO John Donahoe Worth His Paycheck?

eBay CEO John Donahoe

Has John Donahoe Earned His Huge Paycheck As CEO Of eBay Inc? And does he deserve that humongous $23 Million Golden Handshake when leaving the eBay Marketplace? Lots of small perfectly good sellers who were suspended during John Donahoe’s big push to court name brands most likely don’t think so. How many small perfectly good eBay sellers lost their livelihood? Homes? Cars? Etc? when tossed out of eBay by John Donahoe? I used to think Meg Whitman was a bad CEO when she ignored the huge amount of car scams…

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eBay Using Jquery To Hide Sellers Descriptions

eBay Hiding Sellers Description

Looks like eBay is testing another change to their marketplace To view an items description a buyer must click a button located where the description text or html is normally located. The description with any additional images or html code then pops up in a jquery fancybox. If you didn’t know it. eBay sellers descriptions are contained in what’s called an Iframe (inline frame) this is a web page embedded within a page. We wrote about how embedding seller’s descriptions in iframes was detrimental to organic search inclusion. Now they…

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Silicone Valley Robots Block Censoring Naysayers

robots block

The Silicone Valley “Good Ole Boy Club” must be severely ButtHurt. Two of Doc’s social networks are showing they are blocked by a robots.txt file. Doc’s Facebook page and YouTube channel is being blocked by a robots.txt exclusion file when performing an android device Google search. 🙁 We could possibly understand being blocked if we posted fake news indecent or immoral articles. But for over a decade eBayMotorsSucks.com has advised consumers how to avoid internet car scams as a specialty. No other website on the net offers better advice to…

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eBay Motors Facebook Page Removal Coverup Fiasco

eBay Motors Phishing Scam

Recently i had discovered the Official Facebook page for eBay Motors had been merged with their one size fits all eBay core site page The eBay Motors Facebook page was then apparently deleted because it was not found by searching Facebook for it. I had published this documentary video titled “The Rise And Fall Of eBay Motors” showing proof of the fraud and scams that overtook eBay Motors back in Meg Whitman’s CEO days. And published and a second edition covering the scams and fraud that went on when John Donahoe…

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Rise And Fall Of eBay Motors Credibility And Trust

Documentary What Happened To eBay Motors

Video documentary about how corporate short term gains and massive concealed auction fraud killed eBay Motors. The most trustworthy vehicle trading venue ever conceived on the Internet! eBay Motors original concept was to sell and complete your car sale on the motors website. It was a suspendable offense to lure a buyer off the motors site to make a deal. Sometime after John Donahoe took over as eBay CEO those rules were apparently relaxed. A new fee structure for car dealers was $50 per car, plus listing upgrades, with no…

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eBay Members YourGmDealer & 661HenryGlen Missing

Back in 2009 when GM emerged from bankruptcy they struck up a deal with eBay Inc to sell new GM cars on eBay Motors and YourGmDealer eBay Motors Sellers Account was born. During this period GM worked the leads and pretty much ignored the listings running on eBay Motors with disastrous results. Bait and Switch, And car already sold were most of the negs GM received. Enter eBay member 661HenryGlen who bought three new GM Cars from YourGmDealer and left positive feedback moments later. It was alleged at the time…

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eBay Passwords For Sale Where’s John Donahoe

transparent john donahoe ebay

Maybe in this scenario eBay CEO John Donahoe’s apparent transparency is not a good thing. Since the eBay Inc announcement of a massive data breach a seller has turned up on Pastebin (a notorious site used for posting anonymously that is often used by hacktivists dumping data from hacks) offering a full copy of the 145,312,663 usernames, passwords, postal addresses and date of births from eBay. “The seller has posted a sample of the database with 12,663 users from the APAC region including password hashes, e-mail addresses and postal addresses…

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eBay Security Breach Company Response Total Fail

eBay Covering Up The Hack

I was browsing the net last night and came across this article written by Davey Winder of itpro.co.uk The article blasts eBay Inc for the way they bumbled their response to the breach. Not counting the 60 days their database was breached that nobody in the company had a clue eBay had been hacked. Actually they probably knew about the breach but tried to sweep it under the rug in true eBay fashion. Here are a couple of snippets of this must read article if your an eBay member. “To…

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Is eBay Trying To Shoot The Messenger Again

This Website Supports Freedom Of Information

Had some severely degraded server performance that started Saturday around noon. “Images that normally loaded lightning fast were loading at what looked like an old 300 baud modem speed. Trying to download a recent backup file was impossible as it was so slow it timed out.” Come Sunday it was still degraded. So i put in a support ticket with the server host and went to church. That afternoon the system was regaining some of it’s speed, but still was acting sluggish. My webhost does not want to say what…

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Is The eBay Motors Community Forum Needed

Is ebay motors forum needed?

eBay Motors forum was once very popular. The combined knowledge of all the forum participants in their respective automotive fields, could never be found anywhere else in the world. It was a success story within itself. This forum was a regular hangout where folks greeted each other daily. eBay members with vehicle related questions got the advice they needed. And many newbie forum participants became full time participants, and the tiny forum grew and grew and grew. But that was then ~ And this is now. Just like eBay Motors…

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eBay Removing Guides Warning Of Wire Fraud

I was browsing a Google search query for “Scam eBay Wire Transfer” and came across this eBay Guide on the subject. Only problem was, clicking the link brought me to eBay guides home page. eBay had deleted this particular guide from it’s system. If you are using Google to search the web, to the right of the basic url hint is a little green triangle, this is the cached page link. A cached page is a snapshot that Google took of that search result when they crawled the page. But…

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eBay Forums Down ~ Redirecting To Liveworld.com

Screenshot Of Liveworld.com Home Page After Trying To Access eBay Forums

It has been known for at least a month that Liveworld lost their contract to provide eBay with forums and moderation services. The forums were always hosted on an eBay sub domain at forums.ebay.com with that sub-domain routed to liveworld’s servers where the boards were fiscally located. Apparently someone pulled the plug on liveworld’s end before eBay changed their routing table to their new provider. Ina Steiner has a blog post about this situation here: eBay discussion boards are down – and what’s worse, trying to access them results in…

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LiveWorld Is Getting The Bums Rush From eBay

eBay Pinkslap Award

The net is buzzing about this about eBay forum provider LiveWorld getting the bums rush. It apparently was reported on ecommercebytes.com yesterday and has spread like wildfire to other sites and forums. Over the years, there have been numerous reports that LiveWorld heavily censored the boards, with some unhappy users accusing the company of spreading eBay propaganda and using “trolls” and “sock puppets” to target users who were too critical of the marketplace. Many a forum has been dedicated to discussing liveworld’s moderation style. There is also a lot of…

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