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Rise And Fall Of eBay Motors Credibility And Trust

12:41 PM
Documentary What Happened To eBay Motors

Video documentary about how corporate short term gains and massive concealed auction fraud killed eBay Motors. The most trustworthy vehicle trading venue ever conceived on the Internet! eBay Motors original concept was to sell and complete your car sale on the motors website. It was a suspendable offense to lure a buyer off the motors […]

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YOURGMDEALER Just Received Their 4th Neg

7:49 AM
YourGMDealer 4th Negative Feedback

eBay Motors Seller YourGMDealer just got their 4th Negative Feedback! They accepted my offer and then sold the car and will not honor the deal! To date YOURGMDEALER has not left any of their buyers feedback either.┬á So this eBay GM Deal is looking more like a deal made with the devil to do business […]


eBay Seller YOURGMDEALER Racking Up The Negs

8:35 PM

Looks like eBay’s newest titanium powerseller GM “YourGmDealer” is shill buying on their account and has received 2 Negative Feedback strikes already! You see back in the beginning eBay was all about trust and community. Small independent car dealers like me worked hard to contribute to the principals Pierre┬áOmidyar┬áfounded eBay under. It was strictly tabu […]