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eBay And Member Security Still Does Not Compute

9:40 AM
eBay And Member Security

Another dangerous eBay security vulnerability was recently discovered by researchers. This allows fraudsters using a highly advanced coding technique known as JSfuck, to install malware on unsuspecting members smartphones. We have been observing eBay security vulnerabilities back as far as 2004, examples are Here Here and Here.¬†Why they allow this sloppy security is anyone’s best […]

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Is eBay Trying To Shoot The Messenger Again

6:59 PM
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Had some severely degraded server performance that started Saturday around noon. “Images that normally loaded lightning fast were loading at what looked like an old 300 baud modem speed. Trying to download a recent backup file was impossible as it was so slow it timed out.” Come Sunday it was still degraded. So i put […]


Whats Your Chance Getting Infected By eBay Malware

11:07 AM
Feel Like Gambling?

Could you get infected with Malware just by visiting eBay.com? Doc read a motors forum discussion about eBay TRS StupidToy99 got a computer virus and was scammed. The fact is there are Malware Trojans and Exploits on eBay.com. It’s a well known fact among savvy internet users like myself. And it’s been this way for […]

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