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Why Used Motor Vehicles Should Be Sold AS-IS

10:04 AM
1991 TOYOTA MR2 Why Sell AS-IS

It’s best to sell your used car truck van motorcycle boat etc AS-IS With NO Warranty expressed or implied. Buyers no doubt will find faults on used automobiles. This opens the door to sale price renegotiation or threats of legal action. No matter how good of condition you think your used car is in. A […]

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Don’t Buy A Car Without An Inspection First

6:44 PM
another eBay motors northern rust bucket

Here’s a Rusty Lexus SUV that was purchased online without a vehicle inspection. The word TRUST is a five letter word with no meaning. It’s imperative to inspect the vehicle first before purchasing on a long distance deal. Otherwise you might not be happy with the car you receive. Also a word to the wise […]


eBay Motors Blasted By Automotive News Article

10:20 AM
eBay Motors Loosing Traction

Automotive News author Richard Truett published an article titled “Why eBay Motors is losing traction” yesterday. This is a good article about the current state of eBay Motors telling of late model automobiles just sitting in their virtual showrooms hardly noticed. It goes on to say than even with the lower price of an eBay […]

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eBay Used Car Buyers Extort Money From Sellers

2:55 PM
ebay feedback extortion

This Mustang GT Convertible was bought from a Florida seller about a year ago and shipped to Canton OH. The buyer is a collector car enthusiast, and as it usually is when you are in the car business it’s common to sell your driver and buy another. This car was in fantastic condition and 100% […]


Review Of eBay Kuwait Export Car Buyer Fraud

1:34 PM
Kuwait eBay Motors Car Buyer Scammed Website Traffic From Kuwait

Today I noticed a lot of website traffic from Kuwait looking at an article i wrote back in March 2013 about a Kuwaiti export car buyer that was scammed out of $23K on eBay Motors. eBay Motors Management has no idea the huge amount of damage negative publicity like this does to their export car buying […]

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eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection Stalling Claim

11:29 AM
eBay VPP Admin - Auction Insurance Agency Of Birmingham

This is an update to a video i produced on 04/01/2013. Buyer legitimately bought and payed the seller for this 1997 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. Once seller had buyers money that was the end of the communication. Buyer legitimately bought this car ON eBay Motors, and filed a VPP claim. But the claims administrator (Auction Insurance Agency […]

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Buyer Upset Over Misrepresented eBay Range Rover

1:25 PM
Misrepresented Range Rover

Here is another tale of woe from an unhappy eBay Motors SUV Buyer. From this eBay motors forum post: What Actions to Take when you buy a vehicle with loads of unlisted problems Mar 11, 2013 06:39 PM I bought a vehicle (2003 Range Rover) through ebay and seller says everything is fine with the […]

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