Why Are Consumers Still Being Conned After All These Years?

used car scam

Taking a drive over to eBay’s Motors community forum today It’s mostly the same old whine about getting scammed. As it’s often said in the car business, theirs an ASS for every seat. Unfortunately with eCommerce today many fraud victims never get to sit in their new seat. eBay like Craigslist, Auto Trader, or any other websites is just a venue. Scammers have become clever over the years. It’s the buyers responsibility to verify a deals legitimacy! This kind of fraud has been going on for over 16 years that…

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Why Do People Buy Cars Out-Of-State Without An Inspection?

used car purchased out-of-state no inspection

Buying a used car out-of-state without having it inspected is a foolish buying decision. This is especially true for automobiles with salvage or rebuilt titles. Another unhappy car buyer is crying the blues over this 2016 Chevy Malibu that was in a flood. There’s a reason this car was bought at HALF of book value! Update 07/15/19: Apparently this sellers ID has been changed to rebuiltcars0199. Feedback is still good but always inspect used cars bought online. Cover Yer ASS!! 😉 This seller has high feedback and has been a…

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Alleged Ripped Off Buyer Says Don’t Buy On eBay Motors

2011 GMC Acadia eBay Motors

This 2011 GMC Acadia buyer says he got a raw deal on eBay Motors. Buyer claims the seller fearing negative feedback marked the Acadia auction as unpaid, a loophole that hid the negative review he left his seller. 😥 Stories like this one are sad to hear. But buyers of motor vehicles should do their homework (inspection title research etc) before bidding or purchasing. Read Doc’s Car Buying Guide first before buying a motor vehicle online! 😉 This website is dedicated to educating motor vehicle buying consumers how to prevent…

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eBay Motors Is Now A Common Vehicle Classified

eBay Motors Mobile Buying Experience

eBay Motors appears to have become just another common everyday automotive classified website. Without the community values and trust the venue was founded on it’s flatlining. From this eBay Motors forum post: I won a vehicle Tuesday. I contacted the seller and we scheduled for me to fly up to NC the next day and give him CASH. After flying out at 5:30 am, arriving there at 8:30, renting a rental car, i start blowing up his phone. He finally calls back at 9:30 saying I need cash NOW in…

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Buying A Car Online? Inspect First Before Purchasing

I Will Inspect Before I Bid When Buying Online!

Yet another buyer unhappy when buying a car at a wholesale price. Seems to me this Cadillac Seville STS was a bargain for $3750.00! But it’s buyer apparently does not think so. Personally speaking from past experience learned the hard way I must say. It’s best to be sure a car has a good battery when it’s being delivered. That and be sure it’s tires all hold air, and it has at least 1/8th tank of fuel. There is nothing worse than a trucker’s attitude when a car won’t start…

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