Why Used Motor Vehicles Should Be Sold AS-IS

1991 TOYOTA MR2 Why Sell AS-IS

It’s best to sell your used car truck van motorcycle boat etc AS-IS With NO Warranty expressed or implied. Buyers no doubt will find faults on used automobiles. This opens the door to sale price renegotiation or threats of legal action. No matter how good of condition you think your used car is in. A buyer might find something to quibble about and want their money back. This private party offered a 1 owner 1991 Toyota MR2 for sale. Seller stated in his advertisement for the car it was in…

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Watch Out For Undisclosed RUST On Northern Cars

Beware Of Undercarriage Rust

In just one year rust can do a number on the undercarriages of northern vehicles, or cars trucks etc operated on or near a salt water beach. Add a few years to that figure and there can be major damage done. Frame rust is a major concern when buying an older northern vehicle. If your down south or maybe out west, you might not know they use Rock SALT and Sodium Chloride to De-ice the winters roads, in what i like to refer to as “The Rust Belt States.” Rust…

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