Motor Vehicle 00000000000000000 Fraudulent VIN

eBay Motors Invalid VIN On 2011 Porsche Panamera 00000000000000000

eBay still allows 17, 0’s or 1’s, etc, for a VIN Number on late model automobiles. This 2011 Porsche Panamera was listed with 17. 0’s and was accepted by the system. Listen to this podcast back in 2007 where Micheal Donahue of talked about scammers using this sloppy code to scam vehicle buyers. eBay never fixed this vulnerability just like they never fixed the XSS Redirect URL Vulnerbility.” It’s called SUCKER BAIT Folks! Don’t be a sucker and swallow the Hook, Line, and Sinker! 😉 Read Doc’s popular article “Used Car…

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eBay Motors VIN Decoder Still Allows All Zeros

A Grey Market Vehicles State Assigned VIN

If you go to any professional car sales website such as or and try to enter 17, 0’s, or 1’s, etc for the ID Number of your car, the system will reject it as an invalid Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). But not on eBay Motors. You enter the vin of your car and if the system does not recognize it as a current standard vin vehicle legally sold in the US (1981 to present) you can just put in 17 0’s or 1’s, etc, and the system will…

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