JavaScript XSS Cross Site Scripting Redirect Caught On Screen Video

eBay XSS Redirect Scam Video 01/20/2014

Watch as this scam listing and 2 others uses an uncorrected XSS Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability and whisks me off to a hacked website. Phishing Fraud and Identity Theft can then occur! Fraudsters hack a website and create a directory just above it’s public root. They then upload their scripts and images etc. Then plant their sucker bait and wait for a victim to swallow the hook. I know we have been reporting this kind of phishing fraud for more years than i can count. In our archives there are several other…

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How eBay TRS Seller StupidToy99 Lost $8500

How StupidToy99 Lost $8500 On An eBay Motors Car Scam

Looks like that old eBay XSS Cross Site Scripting Redirect snagged another victim. $8,500 is a lot of money to lose. Cover your butt and be sure a deal is for real! Don’t become another victim of Internet Phishing Fraud! “From this eBay Motors Post: An eBay shooting star TRS power seller stupidtoy99 lost $8500 on an apparently bogus eBay Motors car listing.” In Dec. I bought a car on ebay.Turns out it was a fake listing with fake payment info (I was on WWW.EBAY.COM) Apparently ebay & my computer…

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Another Victim Snared In An eBay Motors Scam Deal

Vehicle Scam Alert

Here is another tale of woe from someone that did not do their used car purchase homework! From this eBay Motors Discussion: EBAY SHOULD HAVE BETTER SCAM WARNINGS!!!! Jun 28, 2012 05:01 PM As scammers get better and better…eBay needs to KEEP UP! We thought we were dealing with eBay purchasing an auto…they were good.  They got us! Look out for:  David Soik – Auto Owner Jim Sanders and David Miller eBay Motors We Learned a hard costly lesson and do not want any one else to suffer. I…

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eBay XSS Redirect Scam Still Going 5 Days Later

2007 Chevy Tahoe XSS Redrict Scam

eBay Item Number: 320499691440 has been running for nearly 6 Days out of a 7 Day Auction. It changes from an Auction to a BUY NOW after redirecting to where if you click that BUY NOW BUTTON it authenticates your confidential eBay user name and password and gives the scammer your eBay info. From there the scammer will be sending you fake eBay emails instructing you to bank wire the money to the eBay Agent assigned to your transaction. This eBay Agent is somebody that fell for a work…

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Chevy Tahoe eBay XSS Cross Site Scripting Fraud

eBay XSS JavaScript Cross Site Scripting

These are the same 2007 Chevy Tahoe Photos that scammers used last month to redirect potential car buyers OFF eBay to a Fraudsters Trap. One user lost $15,200 to the same scam last month. eBay told her it was an off eBay deal and they would not cover it under their Vehicle Purchase Program. She was even told by eBay’s Live Help it was legitimate and covered under their vehicle purchase protection program. That’s a lot of money to loose! Can you imaging making payments for several years because you never…

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eBay XSS Redirect Scam Caught On Screen Video

eBay XSS Redirect Security Vulnerability

Watch as this Chevy Tahoe eBay listing redirects me off of eBay Motors to a fraudster controlled website, where someone’s Identity and Money will be stolen! In order to capture this scam on screen video Doc used his Blackberry as an IP Modem to slow the action down. Normally the second you enter the hacked eBay listing you would be swept away without a clue. That is unless you are watching your web browser’s URL Window! eBay is without a doubt NOT SAFE! These redirect scams have been going on at least…

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High Feedback eBay Member Defrauded Of $15,200

xss redirect fraud ebay motors

Here is the story of an eBay member in good standing since 2001 with a total feedback score of 812 – that is 100% positive. It appears this member was the a victim of xss cross site scripting redirect fraud. In this eBay Motors Forum thread he claims he was scammed out of $15,200 on a vehicle. Naturally eBay is not helping and the eBay Motors VPP is denying claim because eBay pulled the listing as fraudulent. Member oi8abug said in this discussion board thread that eBay live help was…

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1968 Corvette eBay Scam – Beware Fraudsters Ahead

1968 Corvette

Just like the good Old eBay Days – Ole H Luis is busy scamming this holiday season. Beware of shady deals that seem too good to be true. If the vehicle is listed on Craigslist and the seller want’s to have eBay handle the payment BEWARE It’s A Scam! Review Doc’s scam auction archive dating back to late 2003 to see what to avoid when shopping for a car on eBay Motors. To be perfectly clear – there are a lot of very good deals on eBay Motors as long…

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