eBay Used Car Buyers Extort Money From Sellers

ebay feedback extortion

This Mustang GT Convertible was bought from a Florida seller about a year ago and shipped to Canton OH. The buyer is a collector car enthusiast, and as it usually is when you are in the car business it’s common to sell your driver and buy another. This car was in fantastic condition and 100% rust free coming from Florida. My friend (a cancer survivor) drove the car for a year and in that time put 4500 miles on it. He told me a while back he sold it on…

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Doc Interviews eBay Used Car Dealer About PayPal Chargeback

1963 Ford Falcon Convertible

This is a recorded phone call we had today with Bob from Ohio about this failed transaction on eBay Motors. Bob is a long time eBay Member that joined a year later than Doc did back in 1999. He got shafted several times by eBay as a seller, but this last time was the straw that broke the camels back so to speak. It involved a car dealership in Cannonsburg, PA. The dealer bought a decent old 60’s Ford Falcon from him, and paid the required $500 deposit by PayPal.…

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Why Would Anyone Want To Sell Their Car On eBay

eBay Feedback Extortion

eBay is openly telling buyers it’s OK to buy a used car then go after the seller for a partial refund if the vehicle does not meet their expectations.  This is opening the door to serious buyer fraud. The buyer came in person and inspected the car, went with the seller to DMV and got his tags, and drove it home. At that point it was his car. And if it broke in half he owned both halves, as we say in the car business. After the purchase, and after…

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eBay One Way Feedback Giving Buyers FREE Items

eBay Original Feedback Community Values

eBay is attempting to clean up their site by making changes to the feedback system. Sellers will no longer be allowed to leave Neutral or Negative Feedback for buyers. This new Feedback rule is opening the door to bad buyer fraud! 😡 Scamming and Extorting Buyers have been a serious problem for car dealer vehicle sellers for years. If a buyer had good feedback or was a seller any threats of extortion were somewhat negotiable. Example “You neg me – I’ll neg you back.” This new feedback policy leaves sellers…

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