Suspected Internet Car Scams for 04/28/2013

2009 Infiniti eBay 261207777570 JNKCV66E39M722717

Today we have several suspected scam listings on eBay Motors. Starting out with this 2009 Infiniti G35 Convertible 261207777570, next is a 2008 Audi A6 261206479512, and this really cool looking custom 2006 Custom Chopper Motorcycle 261206115298. Also note this currently running listing for a 2008 Mercedes S Class 130893957989 where the scammer is canceling bids like mad and trying to scam the bidders with eBay fake escrow. Talk about a data dump.. Stinks like dead fish is putting it mildly!

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Beware Using Escrow For Motor Vehicle Transactions

Vehicle Sellers Beware Of Escrow

This post is regarding a recent high dollar collector car sale that went horribly bad when the seller accepted escrow to handle the transaction payment. Legitimate escrow-services are not fraudulent. But sellers that use any escrow-service for an expensive vehicle may not realize that the buyer pretty much holds all the cards. This fake escrow service example was uncovered by Internet Scammers blog. This article is very good reading for anyone selling a car that is considering using escrow to get paid. A buyer could get jammed up by a…

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Update On Scammers Using eBay Buyer Protection

The eBay Warehouse

Doc has noticed scammers are now also using Amazons brand name targeting car buyers in the net. eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection is still the preferred method. To qualify for this VPP protection you MUST be a REGISTERED eBay Member, and either Officially Win an Auction on eBay Motors, OR through purchasing a Vehicle by clicking the BUY NOW Button on a legitimate eBay Motors Fixed Price BUY NOW Listing! Furthermore. Let it be known that there is only one eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection plan (VPP), and that is provided by…

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Fraudulent eBay Motors VPP Site newart-pub fraudulent eBay vehicle protection website

Doc was searching for an eBay VPP Logo image for a posting and stumbled across this apparent scam website According to a who is look up it was just launched today. Websites like this are usually set up with someones stolen identity and credit card. One thing for sure is, this website is NOT eBay Motors and eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection does not contain most of the wording this one does.  This is the Legitimate eBay Motors VPP Program. Also here is another post i did regarding another VPP…

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