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eBay Subdomains Hemorrhaging SEO Backlinks

6:12 PM
search.ebay.com Dead Subdomain not redirected

Site changes have left these two subdomains unlinked from the sites DNS wasting oodles of previous back-links that could bring in sales. Even a hobbyist like Doc knows dead links are a no-no for serious webmasters. 🙄 “Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at search.ebay.com”. C’mon guys.. This is beginning webmaster SEO stuff. […]


Has Google Dropped eBay From It’s Index

8:17 PM
Google Search

Doc remembers not too long ago when we could Google up a vehicles Id number (VIN). It was an easy way to see where a scam car came from. Most of the scammers usually steal their vehicle info and photos from either a closed eBay listing, or from autotrader.com. Someone would come on the eBay […]