eBay SEO For Organic “FREE” Search Indexing

eBay SEO placement in organic search

Is it possible to Search Engine Optimize an eBay Sellers Listing so it is easily accessible via external Google or Bing organic (free) search? This topic has been been getting some attention lately, as some eBay sellers are concerned why their auctions and buy now listings are not appearing in Google search. eBay sellers item text descriptions are displayed on the seller’s item page. But are physically embedded in whats called an inline frame. This is what’s commonly referred to as an iFrame among seo’s. An iFrame is a web…

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The NEW eBay Motors Vehicle Layout Search Features

The NEW eBay Motors Layout And Search Refinements

Here is the new eBay Motors vehicle listing page and search layout. We’re not happy that eBay took away the ability to search vehicles by year first. Before these search changes (that may be eBay’s NEW Cassini search criteria) it was easy to go in to the vehicle listings and just search for any year range. Lets say 2011-13 covered the years 2011, 2012, 2013, then selecting the sorting by time newly listed brought up those results. But not no more. Now in order to search by year you have…

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