Porsche Panamera & Aston Martin Vantage Scam Auctions

2012 Porsche Panamera eBay Motors Scam 161037944093 ~ Don't Swallow The Sucker Bait!

It’s a stinks like dead phish eBay Motors Sunday, and here are our featured scams for 06/02/2013 We start out with this 2012 Porsche Panamera that is up for auction by kurt44irish that he will sell for $50,000 if you have CASH (161037944093). Next is this 2008 Astin Martin Vantage up for sale by chris444us that he will sell for $50,000 (161038009353). And we go over this video report from TV news KTRK Houston TX about a fraudulent 2nd chance offer on this 2008 Airstream travel trailer (251249742243). It’s puzzling…

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How Are Second Chance Scams Sent From Legit Listings

KTRK Houston Article Video Second Chance Offer Scam 251249742243

I stumbled upon this KTRK TV Houston article and video about a bogus eBay second chance offer. An auction bidder was outbid on item number (251249742243) for a 2008 Airstream travel trailer. Soon after the listing ended the bidder received a second chance offer to buy the travel trailer for his maximum bid of $11,000. The bidder smelled a rat and called eBay who informed him it was a scam, and that all the emails he received were false. The scammers might have pulled this off had they not wanted the money bank…

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