eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection Stalling Claim

eBay VPP Admin - Auction Insurance Agency Of Birmingham

This is an update to a video i produced on 04/01/2013. Buyer legitimately bought and payed the seller for this 1997 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. Once seller had buyers money that was the end of the communication. Buyer legitimately bought this car ON eBay Motors, and filed a VPP claim. But the claims administrator (Auction Insurance Agency of Birmingham) is stalling the buyer and so far has not paid this valid claim. My original article is here. Be sure and do your homework first before buying a car online. Read my car buying…

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1997 Chrysler eBay Seller Took The Money And Ran

1997 Chrysler eBay 151014250542 Seller Took The Money And Ran

Ouch.. Here’s another eBay buyers tale of woe about a used car deal gone bad. Once again, Do NOT send payment for a vehicle until you have inspected it and it’s supporting title registration etc. If you are out of state spend the $$ and have the vehicle inspected. If you don’t do your homework first you could wind up stuck like chuck! From this eBay Motors forum post: Am I getting Scammed? Apr 1, 2013 05:34 PM Here is the auction number: 151014250542 I bought the Chrysler and the…

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