La-Z-Boy DWI Chair Seized By Cops Pulled By eBay

Confiscated La-Z-Boy DUI Chair Proctor MN Police

The buzz going around was, the Proctor MN DUI Chair was up to $40,100.00 before it was pulled by eBay. Duuuuuu.. Who would pay 40 GRAND for that thing? Doc guesses the auction house figured it would result in yet another deadbeat bidder, or the high bidder claiming his account was hijacked, yada, yada, yada, and decided to pull the listing. They know they would be the laughing stock by critics and bloggers. 😆 One minute it was there – then poof.. It was gone! A Yahoo Cache of the…

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DWI Chair Confiscated By MN PD For Sale On eBay

dui motorized chair eBay

Guy gets busted driving his motorized la-z-boy power chair after leaving a saloon in Duluth, MN. The cops confiscate the chair and have it up for auction on eBay. The show begins.. Popcorn anyone? 😆 The Item number is: 150384476487 And as of this posting the chair is up to $3500. Police Chief  Wobig has no idea he is about to get rear ended by eBay and their world famous deadbeat bidders. 🙁 Two things come to mind here.  I guess up in the frozen north the cops do things…

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