The NEW eBay Motors Is Here

eBay Has Finally Rolled Out The New And Improved eBay Motors!

I see there is a lot of grumbling going on in the eBay Motors Discussion Board about it. Apparently the search is hosed up – and someone said it is not compatible with the Opera web browser.

Here is a big thread with eBay pinks and site members discussing all the problems!

Last night eBay put a big link on the new site’s home page to get back to the old site, that sure indicates the problems members are commenting on are true.

Here is the go back link – if eBay removes it from the new site – it still might take you back to the old site. If you go back and want to go to the new one – delete your eBay Cookies.


eBay has always released new features that we not fully tested – so this is nothing new for them. I welcome your comments about this new site.


Just my two cents worth as usual 😉

18 Thoughts to “The NEW eBay Motors Is Here”

  1. Doug

    I’ve been selling on ebay motors for 10 years. Since they screwed it up with there new and improved version my sales are down 40 40 to 50 %. They seem to think you sell car parts like cell phones. I sell Street Rod and Hot Rod stuff but get my listings removed if i put that in title. Who ever is running ebay motors has no idea about cars or car parts. You can’t buy what you can’t see. I wish there was another good site for auto parts i’d leave ebay in a second.


    i want to find parts for a 1991 crown victoria, thousands of junk china crap parts for every year but 1991!

  3. ted mackey

    when a buyer pays in full on time for an item, he/she should automatically receive a positive feedback. (what else is required of the buyer?) But Ebay does not require that and thus creates an unrealistic record of a sellers business character. Sellers therefore can hold back and manipulate buyers feedback to entice a positive feedback for the seller. . this does not give the true result of sellers conduct. Why does not Ebay recognize this inequity?

  4. Ronald29609

    We bought a vehicle “as is” because the ad said “This vehicle is eligable for VPP”. When we submitted a claim for repairs Ebay said the vehicle was not eligable for VPP. There is no practical recoures for this fraud. Buyer Beware.

  5. windows tweaks

    it sucks really

  6. mark

    I am done with ebay motors! I have bought and sold many cars & parts in the past from the old site but this new one is not for me! Why don’t they give the users of ebay what they want? (The old site back)

  7. X Ebayer

    Ebay sucks, AUCKS ROCKS!!

  8. X Ebayer

    Guys, don’t use Ebay, use

    They don’t charge you listing fees. They still care about their customers.

  9. Todd

    Don’t the folks at Ebay “listen”???? I guess when people respond or should I say NOT respond with their wallets and take their business elsewhere, that is when the “ears of ebay” will open up and listen. It is very foolish to try and gussy up a very successful formulat/layout with all sorts of marketing garbage to determine the “cost of your vehicle” or find how it compares to other models….IF I want that I will go to Consumer Reports of NADA or KBB’s websites. Today’s companies are always looking for some garbage to up their profits with. Shame on You Ebay for losing your way. I guess the elevator is on its way going “DOWN” for you. Sad….

  10. Marc

    Just got the email from ebay:
    “New eBay Motors replaces original site in 5 days”

    I hate it oh so very, very much.

  11. Anthony Lease

    My God,who is screweing up ebay so bad. First they cram thier home page that sucks down your throat. Now it is ebay motors. It is so hard to find what you want to see on ebay motors I gave up. Guess its like thier holding your funds rule. Oh well easy to get rid of of worthless site that the people who made them dont matter anymore.

  12. VJ

    Thanks Doc. I’ve had mostly good experiences buying on eBay motors. A car, motorcycle and a bike, all these transactions went well. Their search can be a little frustrating though. I hate having to sort and page through stuff just to look at a car that meets my criterion, hence my hobby site.

  13. Doc

    That’s a nice search setup!

    Too bad eBay can’t come up with something like that!

  14. VJ

    If you are really looking for an improved eBay motors search experience, here’s a site i maintain. It’s a way to quickly browse through the huge inventory in a somewhat logical and user-friendly fashion.

  15. cache

    Amazing how dumb the new ebay motors is. For example, if I want to find a Volvo, I first have to click the pull down menu, it shows about 20 brands of cars but not volvo. I have to click on “see more vehicles”

    I so this and it brings me to an even more narrowed down list of only 5 brands. At which point I have to click on “see more vehicles” again….

    Then a pop up window comes up with all the brands, and I have to check off which ones I want to see. This 3 step process takes about 10x longer then the old one. I can’t find anything anymore. What’s wrong with them?

  16. mike french

    it is a shame that you have to screw up something. remember coke and how their greed cost them millions of customers. put it back like it was and leave it alone. If I wanted to look at the new crap I would look out my front window.if you are looking for a Cuda you would care less about a 2008 vett. thanks fix it Mike

  17. todd mccann

    i hit on ebay motors then hit collector cars then when the page comes up i get newer cars come up.i don’t want to look at that junk.i was watching a 57 chevy selling i tried to find it the next day and could not find it.why did you ever change things not very smart to make people mad.

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