Deadbeat Car Buyer Negs Seller eBay Says It’s OK

This seller has been an eBay member for eight years: I’m not a power seller, I just like to play around with old Cadillacs. I had a 1976 Eldorado Convertible on Ebay about three weeks ago. No reserve starting bid was $6,080.

In my listing I clearly detailed that FIRST BID OWNS and that a $500 deposit was REQUIRED with 48 hrs and that payment in full MUST be made within seven (7) days. When the auction was over I sent the high “bidder” a note of congratulations and an invoice for the $500 deposit. Get this his reply was “I don’t send deposits, I’ll TRY to get out to see it in three weeks, IF I can, & IF I like it I’ll buy it.”

I started to investigate what I had to do right away. According to Ebay I had to wait seven days before I could file a non-paying buyer (should be bidder) case. Went through all that exicting process, following all of Ebays requirements. After the non-paying bidder case was closed, Bidder left NEGATIVE FEEDBACK for me. This took my perfect 100% (16) positive feedback rating to 75%. As I said I don’t do it alot.

Then I contacted Ebay about the unjustified negative feedback, Ebays reply “BUYERS are allowed to leave negative feedback” No matter where I send Ebay e-mail, no matter how many times I explain Ebay keeps refering to him as “Buyer” So yesterday I notified high bidder who did not follow the terms of the auction that I will be suing him here in Ohio for breach of contract if he does not remove the negative feedback.

What I find most confusing is that Ebay seems to protect people like the non-paying bidder instead of those of us who follow the rules.

Would you look at and consider buying a classic Cadillac from someone with a feedback rating of 75%? I wouldn’t.

Griff tried to help but, the same thing keeps happening, BUYER CAN DO WHAT HE WANTS, EVEN THOUGH HE BOUGHT NOTHING!




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  1. Bob Weber

    Maybe try again with an Ebay supervisor.I have had a few car deals go bad since 2000,and Ebay always removed the non paying bidders comments,as it was an incomplete transaction.I was told that a bidder cant have a comment stay posted if they dont pay,and after they receive a unpaid item strike on their record…Good luck!

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