Former eBay Employee Claims eBay Ending Auctions

eBay seller central forums posting by John Delson claiming eBay was ending the auction format. eBay promptly Pulled This Whole Thread yesterday.

It is available for a short time via Google cached search but will most likely be removed soon. And here is the Full Screen Capture in png format. Click to expand in your browser.

As for any truth to this statement – who knows.  But as most old timers know, eBay lies all the time.. Ina Steiner asked eBay about this and they denied it. Of course she just publishes what eBay tells her to anyway.

eBay code of ethics. That’s a Big Ole LOL!

eBay Pulled Post On Seller Central From Former Employee - Re eBay Ending Auction Format
eBay Pulled Post On Seller Central From Former Employee John Delson – Re eBay Ending Auction Format


8 Thoughts to “Former eBay Employee Claims eBay Ending Auctions”


    if there is life after ebay,why don’t you get one?


    back in 2008,a bunch of smart sellers started a fake boycott,and sucked all the sellers off of ebay
    they made a killing doing that.

    1. Doc

      Darth, You can PR discredit this post all you want. But nothing hurts worse than the truth.

      eBay Corporate Greed has ruined the site. First it was Meg Whitman strip mining the community while fattening up her portfolio. Now John Donaho who believes China is the answer to his sinking ship.

      It’s getting where if you search for items by US Sellers only, the crap you receive is Chinese Garbage from a Chinese Seller with a US Shipping location. Sellers Offices are Probably on Hamilton Ave, in San Jose CA!

      The only thing keeping this rusting scam infested old heap of iron afloat is PayPal and some very creative accounting. It’s only a matter of time before the Feds go in and investigate all the flim-flam that’s going on within PayPal and bust it wide open.

      Can’t say i blame those sellers who abandoned ship in 2008! Including Bruce Hershenson of who is doing fantastic on his own, even running his own auctions!

      Yep there is indeed life after eBay!

  3. I don’t doubt this for a second. How many things from the ‘memo’ of 2008 came true? Plenty.

    Ebay has been systematically purging small Mom & Pop sellers for a long time now. Folks with feedback and DSRs near perfect.

    In fact, ebay holds it’s sellers to a much higher standard than they themselves can even dream of achieving.

    I’ve been seeing folks complaining that now ebay is suspending them for not listing enough items. They want to keep everyone on a hamster wheel of stress and BS.

    BTW Doc, you had a post here once upon a time showing where someone from an ebay IP posted that 2008′ memo here. Can you find that? (just to prove the point that YES!, the “memo” did originate from within ebay.)

  4. Doc

    Another eBay Sock Puppet speaks up to defend his sinking ship.

    IP Logged.. 🙂


    you are looking too hard trying to find anything anti-ebay

    give it up.

    1. Doc

      August 27, 2011 at 7:11 AM.
      you are looking too hard trying to find anything anti-ebay give it up.

      Geeezzzz.. One does not have to look very far for that!

      About 3,730,000 results:

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