The Dumbest eBay Motors Auction Ever

The Knight Rider Trans Am. And the seller (an attorney it seems) has no photos of the car – but does have a photo of Charlie Brown & Snoopy sitting on a dock.

And he wonders why there are no bids yet! Geeeeezzzzz.. Starting Bid is only $20,000.00 😆

Here is a screen capture if the listing gets pulled by eBay..


I see the listing has been ended by the seller as “item is no longer for sale” Makes ya kind of wonder if this seller was slicker than we thought? Looks like he sold the car “off of eBay” stiffing Ma Meg out of her final value fee.. 😉

3 Thoughts to “The Dumbest eBay Motors Auction Ever”

  1. eBay

    Top regards to this blog owner, great stuff!

  2. charlie

    The auction ad is EXTRA STUPID! It says Grand Am Not Trans Am. The dummy does not know it was a Trans Am on Knight Rider? He probably also Thinks Burt Reynolds drove a AMC gremlin in Smokey and the Bandit.hahahahahahaha like Bugs Bunny says..”What a Maroon”

  3. Susan

    You should report auctions like these to and then link back to your blog in the comments so other members there can learn about what you’re doing here!

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