Buying A Car Online? Inspect First Before Purchasing

Yet another buyer unhappy when buying a car at a wholesale price. Seems to me this Cadillac Seville STS was a bargain for $3750.00! But it’s buyer apparently does not think so.

I Will Inspect Before I Bid When Buying A Car Online!
I Will Inspect Before I Bid When Buying A Car Online!

Personally speaking from past experience learned the hard way I must say. It’s best to be sure a car has a good battery when it’s being delivered. That and be sure it’s tires all hold air, and it has at least 1/8th tank of fuel.

There is nothing worse than a trucker’s attitude when a car won’t start and he has to climb on the top rack to jump it off. It also does not make a good impression on the buyer who has waited for his new car to arrive only to learn from the truck driver it won’t start! OUCH! 😥

This buyer came up with a grocery list of repairs needed, and at what appears outrageously high retail prices. Sounds higher than a Caddy dealership to me.

Now the buyer is very angry with the seller and wants compensation for the repairs. The seller clearly sells wholesale units, and as it says in the listing “this vehicle has not been inspected and is sold as-is with no warranty of any kind” plus some other legal mambo jumbo. The seller goes on to say he invites inspections by anyone interested in buying.

Had the buyer had the vehicle inspected by a qualified inspector this rift would not be going on now. (eBay has a company they recommend) and there are many others if someone does a Google Search for vehicle inspections.

So there ya go! If you buy a vehicle on eBay Motors sight unseen and don’t have it inspected you could wind up being stuck like chuck! One of the exclusions of the eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection program is coverage of a covered item if the vehicle was not inspected!

Like Bart Simpson said above.. I WILL INSPECT BEFORE I BID!

eBay Motors Forums Another Unhappy Car Buyer!
eBay Motors Forums Another Unhappy Car Buyer!
EuropeanMotorSport07 Cadillac Listing On eBay Motors 200560104009
EuropeanMotorSport07 Cadillac Listing On eBay Motors 200560104009

Be sure to read Doc’s article “Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Advice” Link Above. 😉

3 Thoughts to “Buying A Car Online? Inspect First Before Purchasing”

  1. Bob Weber

    Looks like the buyer here wanted a 9 year old car to be pretty much like new,yet bought it way below book.130k miles?..what can you expect without a pre purchase inspection?…And whining about not getting key fobs?….Most go bad or get lost ,especially after 9 years.All of this could have been avoided with a pre purchase inspection.

  2. RobMurillo

    That really sucks and hope it has become a learning experience. But at $3750 chances are you really can’t expect to find a good functional car at that price. When buying a car without inspecting it your are taking a big risk and should assume all consequences involved. When buying a car the last person you should believe or take advice from is the seller.. that’s just rule of thumb. And finally, those sevilles are junk to begin with.. they sit on a Grand Pri platform disguised with a luxury look! I sell bmx bikes on ebay with 100% feedback! As a seller if someone was not happy with my product I would give them a full refund, Infact not long ago I sold a BMX bike that was Very nice.. the buyer supposedly was unhappy with it and wanted compensation and threatened to ding my feed back.. I replied with an easy, no hassle refund.. I told him to ship it back and I would refund him his money in full and the shipping back to me! Its been a Month and he has not replied. So, not only do we have to be aware of slick sellers but also of buyers too… Rob

  3. shawn

    This is just a classic case of buyers remorse. This guy had to wait two weeks if not longer to get his car. If the items on his list were actual issues, the car would not have even made it on to the truck to be shipped. Lastly, the guy was going to send his wife to get the car. He is a little weedle dick spazz who is used to his wife wiping his chin after every meal. I’m sure he is an only child.

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