1968 Corvette eBay Scam – Beware Fraudsters Ahead

Just like the good Old eBay Days – Ole H Luis is busy scamming this holiday season. Beware of shady deals that seem too good to be true. If the vehicle is listed on Craigslist and the seller want’s to have eBay handle the payment BEWARE It’s A Scam!

Review Doc’s scam auction archive dating back to late 2003 to see what to avoid when shopping for a car on eBay Motors. To be perfectly clear – there are a lot of very good deals on eBay Motors as long as you do your homework first!

Have a Safe And Joyous Holiday Season.. 🙂

another ebay corvette car scam 12/21/2008

another ebay car scam bid history 12/21/2008

3 Thoughts to “1968 Corvette eBay Scam – Beware Fraudsters Ahead”

  1. Mister Tubbles

    pinkygirl enjoys underwear is exactly the kind of idiot zombie ebay wants as a buyer. ebay deserves everything that’s going to happen to them as they continue to cater to the lowest common denominator of brainwashed consumers that can’t balance their own checkbook.

    Instead of enforcing the rules already in place they heap more and more garbage on sellers with the sungular aim of driving off small sellers. Note the number of Power Sellers that continue to blantantly violate ebay policy unchecked.

    The place is a dumping ground for crap made in China by people that hate us and ebay kisses their butts like compliant and traitorous vermin.

    There’s a reason the ebay logo is all in lower case.

  2. pinkygirl enjoys underwear

    Are you a perfectionist?

  3. Luke


    Tried to buy same car….
    Do you know if and how any others get their money back?
    many thansk for your help

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