What Happened To All The Cars On eBay

eBay Motors seems to have lost it’s allure. The other day I was researching 2010 Honda’s on eBay Motors, and was surprised that there was only 34, 2010 used or Certified Pre-owned Honda’s on the whole motors site.

Puzzled i went to eBay Motors home page and searched for ALL Honda’s (used and cpo.) the total of all years makes and models of Honda’s on eBay was only 1038.  I thought best match search was the culprit and repeated the search.

Used Honda Search On eBay Motors

Sure Enough It Was The Same As Before

It's Slim Picking For Used Honda's On eBay Motors

To compare this number of Used and Certified Pre-owned Honda’s I went to Autotrader.com and repeated the search.

Lots of Used and CPO Honda's to choose from on AutoTrader.com

Lots of Used and CPO Honda’s on AutoTrader.com 86,404 of them to be exact!

Geezzzz.. What has happened to the Number One Automotive Site on the Internet? Has John Donahoe ran that many sellers off?

I then decided to see how many other makes were on eBay Motors.  Acura 409, Chrysler 591, Hyundai 192, Infinity 448, Lincoln 525,  Mazda 430, Plymouth 358, etc etc. Those numbers appear to be way down from a few years ago.

From what I’ve read on the eBay Motors Forums new and private sellers complaining about deadbeat bidders that either don’t pay, or try and pull the old fake cashiers check scam on them.

While eBay gives a seller 4 free vehicle listings a year, the FVF averages $125! Then if the seller can’t figure out how to file for a FVF refund that money goes right into eBay’s bank account.

Anyone can set up an eBay account with an anonymous email account and bid hundreds of thousands of dollars and not pay. All with eBay’s blessings. No joking, here’s an example of a deadbeat bidder who took down $1,171,675.00 Cars!

File an unpaid item strike on a 0 feedback bidder, all they have to do is respond to the strike, then go leave the seller a Negative Feedback and the seller can’t do a thing about it. eBay just don’t care. They are 100% pro buyer at their sellers expense.

Now i read eBay has messed the parts category up something fierce. Mega sellers are using the new Hollander parts compatibility feature to spam the search results. Go search for a part for your 1931 Studebaker and have dozens of pages of generic floor mats, steering wheel covers, and other junk come up first before a legitimate sellers used part you were searching for. A couple of sellers that i know of have recently closed their eBay stores. It’s just not worth it any more.

So here we are – the BEST Automotive Website in the World has been turned into a mushy Old Turd by John Donahoe and his World clASS Management Team.

Meanwhile buyers are still getting their pockets picked by Scammers who are running redirect scams, and are using what looks like eBay’s own code against them. It’s just one thing after another.

Anyone feel like building a site to accommodate all the eBay sellers that have abandoned ship? 😉

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  1. Travis

    Try to search a 88-99 Toyota MR2. Not a single one…. : (

    1. Doc

      Hi Travis, Thanks for your comment.

      I see one. A Turquoise 1988 with 141k miles. But the search is so mucked up it brings up other models too.

      eBay Motors is like the rest of eBay. Donahoes geniuses have ran off most of the small sellers that offered quality older cars like your example. And it don’t make sense to buy a late model car out of town. Between the shipping cost and the lack of trust factor it’s not worth taking a chance.

      I think Richard Truette said it best in his article “Why eBay Motors Is Loosing Traction. 🙄

  2. Andy

    Thank you for the info. It is now 2014 and nothing has changed, it least it seems that way.

    I bought many cars for myself, family and friends from ebaymotors in the past. I didn’t use the site since 2009. Then, just yesterday my wife asked me to do a little research after I complained about ebay’s very low inventory and told her that autotrader seems to have much larger inventory. . A quick ggl research landed me on this page which proves me right 🙂

    1. Doc

      It’s sickening what this company has became. eBay was built by small sellers who cared about the eBay community and worked hard to build their reputations.

      The same goes with eBay Motors. They tossed all the good sellers out to favor franchised dealerships that are only interested in working bidders leads. And at a flat $50 per car plus featured fees it looks like it’s not working out too well for them.

      Now they are running some out of control Bot that is suspending sellers for no apparent reason, with no appeal process. Reps are not giving a reason for suspensions, and just say sorry you don’t meet our requirements to sell on eBay.

      Here is a guy that they suspended who is a long time member since 1998. In his eBay lifetime he had one neg and one neutral.

      “Can there be some mistake involved? I’m a long time seller since 1998 with lifetime 100% positive feedback and dashboard numbers of 5,5,5,4.92 & I was thrown off Ebay in the middle of the night for no known reason.

      I’m a senior citizen & this is a hardship & I can’t imagine ever have done the slightest thing questionable on Ebay maintaining my biz with much work & care.

      What happened to my sterling account? I’m sick to my stomach now.”

      Abusive company doing this to good people. It stinks to high hell!

  3. Wow! I haven’t spent much time on eBay Motors… not since 2001 anyway. Having read about what is going on over there here on your blog is, for me, just one more saddening event that has all been leading to an across-the-board worsening of what was once a great company and place to do business.

  4. Doc

    From The EBMDG

    I sell automotive parts on ebay motors, the other day I did a search on some of my items to see where they would appear on pages as compared to other sellers because I have noticed a slump in sales lately. The way I believe the best match to work is that the sellers with the best feedback and DSR ratings will have their items appear first and then the lower rated sellers under that. Well, I have almost 8000 feedbacks, with 100% rating, all 4.9 DSRs, and a top seller rating, and I have discovered that in my search analysis that I am having sellers with less ratings and worse DSRs have their items appear in searchs before mine in the searches that I have done on my items. So, before I jump to any conclusions, am I correct in how I believe to best match function to work. I also have free shipping on alot of my items which ebay mentioned would bring better exposure against items that did not, and I noticed that there was also items that were in the search pages that were listed before mine that did not have free shipping. So, what gives???? Am I wrong???

  5. Andre

    Look how bad Ebay messed up their new GM ACCOUNT

    More about Ebay seller YOURGMDEALER here

    All these thieves did was rob taxpayers money when our country was in bad shape

    Shame on YOU EBAY

  6. reader

    Looks like they are using pp’s own code for fake pp login pages too now.
    Didn’t they just open up their dev/api platforms? If they run that as tight as the rest of the site…

  7. midnite


    That’s funny. I thought, according to “Here’s Johnny”, listing are thru the roof! Better than ever! Profits are booming!

    Me thinks someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah cooking something that rhymes with crooks.

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