eBay Motors Seller Tossed In Jail Over Truck Sale

Seller offers an old 66 GMC Pickup on eBay Motors earlier in the year. An older collector truck that had a an assigned state of Indiana VIN plate and legitimate title / registration. Seller properly listed the vehicles VIN and title type in his listing. Buyer won the auction and after paying the seller decided he didn’t want the truck. Seller refused to refund buyers money and all he** broke loose.

This is the thread as Doc captured it, there has been several posts made after that. He is including a link to the thread on eBay’s discussion board, along with cached listing link on Bing search engine below this video.

eBay item number 220561809114 1966 GMC Pickup Truck

2 Thoughts to “eBay Motors Seller Tossed In Jail Over Truck Sale”

  1. Lifted trucks

    Good, Thank god this eBay Motors Seller Arrested & Tossed In Jail.
    Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. scootrs.com

    Andrew Chase in ebay “Help” is a complete lying moron, one of the worst customer service experiences I’ve ever had – next to others at ebay like Twitter PR hack Richard Brewer-Hay who strung us along with lies for 9 months and did nothing.

    Andrew Chase blatantly lied and said if someone breaks into your account then YOU are responsible. Clearly false.

    He also told us to do something the last moron at ebay said we must absolutely NOT do – and then refused to answer and explain how we can do 2 opposite things.

    Ebay is evil. Their help/PR department is run by people who hate customers and constantly lie to them or refuse to answer and provide actual help.

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