Police Nab Crooks From Organized Cyber Crime Ring

70 Internet Scammers Down and sitting in the clink. Now we need to get the rest of the wanna be scammers that will soon take over!

In other words don’t let your guard down and fall for another scammers bait.  As long as consumers believe there is a vehicle in mint condition, with free shipping, and offered for half of it’s book value, these scams will continue!

We can put the remaining scammers like these out of business if we quit swallowing the sucker bait!

More info HERE and HERE.  Don’t fall for INTERNET PHISHING SCAMS!!

2 Thoughts to “Police Nab Crooks From Organized Cyber Crime Ring”

  1. Xoihabaewsh

    Multiple attempts to purchase coins, stamps, jewellery etc. with various different stolen credit card (numbers) have been made by:

    Mister / Domnului* / Monsieur: Pavel Andreica (also known as: Florin Andreica; Pauel Andreca; Pawel Andreca, Michel Delmonte)
    19, rue Theodore de Banville
    F-75017 Paris
    Michel Delmonte
    46 rue Ordoner (46 rue Ordener)
    75018 Paris
    (Note: “he” “owns” a Paypal account under this name (Michel Delmonte) and this address, so this could be his real name or a hijacked
    Paypal account!). (Note: Goufrani Mouloud grocery store is located at this address at 46 Ordener, 75018 Paris)
    His emails used in the scam/fraud attempts: [email protected] & [email protected] & [email protected]
    Update: [email protected] (June 2007). [email protected] (August 2007). [email protected] (January 2010).
    Mike Delmonte [email protected] (August 2010) [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] .

    Telephone numbers used: 0633486115 // 0613976112 // 0033666191330 // 33699617442 (last one from year 2010).

    Date of the attempt of fraud: 9 May 2006; 16 June 2006; 22 June 2006; 27 December 2006; 24 January 2007. Amount always
    around US$ 500-600. Originating IP addresses: // // // are located
    in Paris, France. Last known scam attempt date(he placed orders with many dealers): 15th March 2007.

    * / “domnului” = “mister” in Romanian language.

    This individual uses stolen and invalid credit cards to place orders online in attempt to purchase big amounts of Romanian or other
    currency to be delivered in an urgent manner:

    Andrica Florin (Andreca Florin), 22 Rue Championnet, 75018 Paris, France. He is originally from Romania. Telephone: 33643248987.
    Email: [email protected] . Computer IP address:


    Reported by a stamp dealer on the 3rd of september 2010:

    Order for 2 sets of sheets Scott Catalog #909-21 Overrun Countries $389.00 placed on 1 Sept 2010 by:

    Florin Andreica
    22 rue championnet
    Paris, 75018

    Telephone: 0148784453
    email: [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Master Card ending in #0192

    Code 10 result from my credit card processor is that the credit card is stolen and that there have been many fraudulent transactions.
    This individual has an ebay account under [email protected] and his ebay id is maisonnn (with a photo).

  2. name

    by the looks of it I think police ended up paying for the door. where’s the evidence?

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