eBay XSS Redirect Scam Caught On Screen Video

Watch as this Chevy Tahoe eBay listing redirects me off of eBay Motors to a fraudster controlled website, where someone’s Identity and Money will be stolen!

In order to capture this scam on screen video Doc used his Blackberry as an IP Modem to slow the action down. Normally the second you enter the hacked eBay listing you would be swept away without a clue. That is unless you are watching your web browser’s URL Window!

eBay is without a doubt NOT SAFE! These redirect scams have been going on at least since 2006. There is evidence of this in my scam archive HERE. I guess eBay don’t care about this US-CERT alert that was issued by the U.S. Government in 2006!

Updated 01/20/2014: eBay still has not fixed this serious vulnerability. eBay XSS Redirect Phishing Scam Caught On Screen Video 2014

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9 Thoughts to “eBay XSS Redirect Scam Caught On Screen Video”

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  2. Doc

    Be sure to see the latest video of this scam.

    It is back! Same 07 Tahoe – Different Scam Website.

    Obviously eBay LIED about securing it’s site.

    See these two articles. for further details and the source code used.

  3. Joe

    There are TWO REALLY SCARY things regarding this.
    #1. This is a LONG TERM issue that eBay doesn’t fix [though wasn’t that the whole point of the new multi-tabbed description page].
    #2. The SPECIFIC account shown in your video is STILL ACTIVE, ie eBay decided to let the scammer do it again rather than shut the dormant account down.

  4. erbman

    So, what. This has been going on for years, even since 1998 that is when I first got on ebay. I’ve even reported sellers, that were selling the same items that I sold.

    But then you could tell ebay what to look for, now you can only give them the item numbers. And then when you show them a seller with 1,000’s of items and the first 10 are reported, yes they may take down those 10, but won’t look at the others for the same factors.

    Before these people used “Information Links” and you ended up on a new website.

    But as technology has advanced extremely fast the next thing that will happen will that you will be redirected to a mirror site as soon as you click the sign in page.

  5. Doc

    Most of the scammers are in Europe. But i bet some are copy cat scammer wannabe’s right here in the USA!

  6. when are scammers going to learn that they will eventually get caught with the hand in the cookie jar?

  7. Doc

    Be sure to watch Cappnonymous response video to this scam – it is a new twist on the old redirect scam!

  8. Doc

    Dang Meow.. You are right!

    I have been so busy with work, when i got an email from a tipster to check it out, I rushed to screen grab it and didn’t even notice that listing format change..

    Thanks for the correction.. 🙂

  9. meowsertd

    noticed that the listing had 7 bids but it was a BIN with no bidding possible at the redirect

    we always suspected this redirction was happening good job capturing it NOW the question is what is Ebay going to do about it?

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