Some Things On eBay Motors Never Change

From eBay’s Motors Forums: I am not new to eBay, however, haven’t sold in awhile.  Listed my vintage travel trailer with a starting bid of $2,000.  Last bid was $3,250.50.  She contacted me immediately saying she would be here in 2 days to pick up the travel trailer, however, did not deposit the $500 down payment into my paypal account.

I conceded as she said she would make the deposit the next day and then said she would pick up the travel trailer on Friday.  After numerous texts and phone calls to the phone number she provided, as well as you can imagine…no reply.  So this is a first for me…a non-paying buyer.  I’ve never had this happen and I must say am so overwhelmed as I lost numerous bidders due to her high bid.  I’m distraught and do not know the course to take.  Please advise.  I will have to relist my travel trailer.  Will eBay refund the fees?  Thank you in advance for any advice and direction.

As Momma used to say, a fool and his money are soon parted. 🙄

Some Things On eBay Motors Never Change.
Some Things On eBay Motors Never Change.

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