Car marketing platform CarGiGi was unknown to me until yesterday when another blogger mentioned it in an email. The domain who-is shows it’s owned by eBay Inc. However as of today the website url is returning a 404 not found error.

cargigi ebay acquisition
eBay helping automobile dealers sell more cars by acquiring CarGiGi marketing platform to replace it’s dealer center

According to this TechCrunch article on 03/15/2016 eBay acquired CarGiGi to replace it’s Motors division’s Dealer Center. The company says that it’s interested in using the technology Cargigi developed to help onboard auto dealers’ inventory onto eBay’s website. In addition to replacing eBay’s own Dealer Center product, Cargigi will help enable eBay to “build out its structured data capabilities for the vehicles industry,” said eBay in an announcement. Over time, more functionality will also be added. But more immediately, dealers will have access to analytics they didn’t before.

So it’s been nearly 4 years since eBay acquired CarGiGi and it’s domain is offline as of this blog post. It’s my personal opinion that eBay forgot all about their Trust and Community Values that made high dollar vehicle transactions work so well in it’s early days.

It’s possible they took the technology from the cargigi-acqusition and rolled it into the motors platform. But even if that’s why the domain is offline it should be redirected elsewhere. More than likely the motors venue home page – or the dealers center. Even beginning webmasters know that dead links are an seo nightmare. This situation reminds me of these former major subdomains that were left offline and still are to this day. 😥

I get it that eBay was a novelty back in it’s glory days. Memories of the fly-in drive-home sales are just that, memories. And it does not make sense these days to buy a late model used car thousands of miles away when the same car is available in a buyers location. Then there are those bargain seekers who jump at seemingly “too-good-to-be-true” great deals – then realize the bargain buggy they bought was no bargain at all.

It all boils down to this. All eBay is interested in is collecting sellers fees. Bad car dealers and other sellers can burn up a sellers account that gets eventually suspended and do it all over with a new sellers account. All they want is that $50 listing fee plus listing upgrades.

Personally saying adding new technology from acquisitions like cargigi and others is a must to stay market current. Yet they allow bad sellers and scammers to rip off their buyers. When i was selling cars on eBay Motors along with other reputable dealers, we could see the trust slipping away. We begged the corporation to verify their buyers and sellers but that fell on deaf ears. I suggested an arbitration panel of volunteer qualified dealers to negotiate vehicle buyer-seller complaints. Nope the arbitration idea never happened either.

cargigi-website screenshot
Screenshot of cargigi website before being acquired by eBay

What I would have done with eBay Motors, would have been turning it into a membership venue. Something like Sam’s Club or Costco, but specifically for motor-vehicles. Car dealers would be verified and their dealers bond put on file in-case of an out-of-trust or other situation. They could have charged the dealers $100 annual fee covering the cost of verification. Similar with buyers who would require verification before they could bid or buy an automobile.

Instead of courting franchised dealers selling late model common everyday autos, I would be targeting the antique, specialty, and collector car market. Internet motor-vehicle buyers / sellers / exporters / importers / offering rare and hard to find desirable vehicles for the worldwide market. This motors niche venue could have been the number one car trading venue in the world. But today it’s just another used car Internet business failure. 😥