Vlad “Vladuz” Duiculescu Arrested Video

Here is a video and a couple of shots of Vladuz the alleged eBay hacker in his apartment, and being led into a Romanian police station.

The big $64 question is, did eBay bag the guilty person? Or pin it on another hacker for a corporate public relations spin?

vladuz arrested photo

Vladuz, the notorious hacker who repeatedly accessed off-limits parts of eBay’s network and then publicly bragged about it, has been arrested, the online auctioneer says.

The hacker was arrested by Romanian law enforcement officials with the help of the US Secret Service, the FBI and eBay’s global fraud investigation team, eBay said. The company wouldn’t discuss additional details, and representatives from the Secret Service and the FBI couldn’t be reached for comment.

According to Romanian news reports here, Vlad Constantin Duiculescu, 20, was arrested in a communist-era housing project in Bucharest. A court in that city remanded the suspect in custody for an initial 29 days.

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  1. Fleta

    That’s not just logic. That’s rlaley sensible.

  2. windows tweaks

    i really don’t know why ebay changed their motors site, it really sucks now

  3. The new ebay motors really sucks! It is way beyond me how anyone can take a good thing and throw it in the trash – then replace it with a piece of crap! The new ebay motors is hated by everyone except the few idiots who changed it – I might add against months of outcry against the new site from existing users. I saw this coming as did everyone else – it was like watching the space shuttle burning up in the atmosphere and you could do nothing but watch the disaster. Honestly I figured the government was running ebay motors now – how else could you explain the stupidity?

    Mark Brown

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