eBay Accuses eCommerceBytes Of Phishing

eBay accuses The Steiner’s of running a phishing site. AuctionBytes.com and eCommerceBytes.com are news sites that report on the eCommerce world. They have been around for what seems like a lifetime, reporting various changes within eBay and other eCommerce sites, and have good readership.

Recently their web host received this take down notice from eBay Inc!

Dear NTT America, Inc.,
We have just learned that your service is being used to display false or “spoofed” eBay.com pages, apparently in an effort to steal personal and financial information from consumers, including eBay users, in order to defraud them. Specifically, it appears that a NTT America, Inc. user is sending unsolicited messages to consumers, misrepresenting itself as eBay, and making statements that encourage the recipient to go to a page hosted by you at – http://blog.ecommercebytes.com/cgi-bin/blog/blog.pl?/pl/2012/4/1333331894.html ecommercebytes.com to enter personal and account information. The deceptively gathered information is then sent to an email account and, based on our investigation of similar schemes, used to gain access to consumers personal accounts in order to commit fraudulent acts such as international credit card and wire fraud.

SNIP Read the rest of this take down notice on eCommerceBytes Blog. We sincerely appreciate your immediate attention to this important matter. We would also appreciate if you would take steps to confirm the accuracy of any contact information that your user may have provided to you in establishing the account. Should you have any accurate information that could assist eBay and law enforcement in tracking this individual, we greatly appreciate your assistance, as we know that you do not condone the use of your services for such criminal purposes.
Thank you,

eBay Inc.
Trust & Safety

Don Riggins
eBay Inc.
Audit and Investigations

This reminds me of when Vladuz was hacking the crap out of eBay. eBay sent a similar take down notice to a German web host that wrote an article about Vladuz the eBay hacker. Scott Noyce was the eBay attorney that impersonated the FBI in that take down letter. 😆

fall-internet.de eBay Intimidation Letter Sent To Web Host
fall-internet.de eBay Intimidation Letter Sent To Web Host

Since when did the FBI have jurisdiction in Germany? Vladuz later hacked Scott Noyse’s eBay ME page and put his contact info on it for revenge.. 🙄

I wouldn’t doubt this was caused by one of eBay’s sloppily programed bots. A bot probably created a report, and i wouldn’t doubt an automated form letter was emailed to the administrative contact at NTT Internet.

eBay you double dumb azz bunch of blooming idiots. Sometimes a Human Being should personally review stuff like this. I hope the Steiner’s sue your ass off!

Updated 05/11/2012: eBay has blog.eComercebytes.com blocked as a phishing site. I’m getting a blocked message from Open DNS this morning when trying to view eCommerce bytes blog.

This is nothing new for eBay. Back during the Vladuz hack, eBay had The Auction Guild and this website blocked as phishing sites. Just another of eBay Inc’s bag of dirty tricks when they want to shoot the messenger!

eCommerceBytes.com Blog Phish Warning From Open DNS.

eCommerceBytes.com Blog Phish Warning From Open DNS.

Oh well.. As usual.. Just my two cents worth! 😆

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