Wow it’s hard to believe will be 15 years old early next year. Since 2004 this website blog and forum has advised consumers how to avoid used car internet phishing scams and sleazy sellers. However It’s not been easy fending off corporate reputation management hackers and trolls. 😆

EBMS 15 Year Anniversary
Doc’s celebrates it’s 15th year online helping consumers avoid used car scams and sleazy sellers

Consumers should be alert when vehicle shopping on the net. Researching the vehicles listing legitimacy and condition are a priority. As a rule fraudsters no longer scream out buy it now with an unrealistic price.

The whole idea with today’s fraudsters is to run a confidence game on unsuspecting easy marks. A favorite phishing website is Craigslist. Be alert if your vehicle shopping and come across an ad with an unrealistic price.

In the bargain price scenario the smart buyer approaches the ad with caution. After making contact you’re told the seller is an agent with Amazon or eBay or another venue RUN away as fast as you can it’s a scam!

If it’s a legitimate for sale ad with a too-good-to-be-true bargain price be suspicious of what’s wrong with this car. Run a price lookup on Kelly Blue Book or NADA Guides. Many sellers will misrepresent a used vehicle and will lie their butt off to make a sale. 😡

On top of phishing scams there will be a slew of recent uninsured hurricane damaged cars up for sale. Many older cars had only liability insurance, without collision or comprehensive coverage. The easiest way to get rid of an uninsured swimmer is to put it on the net. In this situation a vehicle inspection is worth it’s weight in gold.

Check out my used car buying and selling internet guide for further details, It’s the most complete car buying guide of it’s kind anywhere. Don’t buy or sell a vehicle online without first checking this guide out. 😎

There are many articles on this blog with advice covering many online scams and bad seller misrepresentation, plus my two cent’s worth on eBay INC. Have a look around while your here. Use our blog search, or check out our sitemap to dig down deep into our soon to be 15 year history. Our advanced search covers this blog, the original html phishing scam pages from 2004 to 2007, Our classic phpBB forum, and our video server.

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