www.antena3.ro Reports Vladuz Busted In Romania

According to this tip: Hey Doc, Romanian media just reported that a 20 year old from Bucharest has been arrested under suspicion that he is eBay’s pain in the ass Vladuz.
ebay hacker vladuz busted

Apparently they finally managed to trace an IP on him and busted his apartment at 6 a.m. this morning.

He threw 3 laptops out the window from the 6th floor in an attempt to destroy evidence.

I don’t read Romanian: but here is the link to the story on antena3.ro.

7 Thoughts to “www.antena3.ro Reports Vladuz Busted In Romania”

  1. Doc

    Sorry to hear about your difficulty buying on eBay.

    Romania has a very bad reputation for scammers.

    I understand there are good Romanians that get stereotyped because of all the bad ones. But until the Romanian Government gets tougher on Internet Fraud their citizens are doing i doubt the situation will get better.

  2. Andrei

    I`m from Romania, I hate that people from America hates all romanians. As for me, I want to purchase many things from ebay with my own money. I just opened paypal and ebay account and all people even if I send the payment wont deliver me the product! These kind of scammers should be punished, they give us bad image! And as for Vladuz, many rumors and also I am sure that Vladuz was not caught. The boy caught is just a lame scammer

  3. Doc

    A rumor is spreading that the bust was a hoax.

  4. tacos

    Well, no Cole, he’s being arrested for breaking the law with threats as well as, let us not forget, publicly posting personal account information for hundreds of eBay users, including names, SSNs and credit card information. Not just because he proved he could access some outer servers in their cluster.

  5. Anonymous

    It sure took them long enough to catch him, If it is really him.

    Vladuz sure embarrassed eBay with his antics. And the hack job he did on Scott Noyce’s ME page was priceless!

    But eBay might soon wish he was never caught. He will be telling the world how easy it was to hack into eBay’s servers. Might even sell the rights to a movie or book publisher.

    We just have to sit back and watch the show.

  6. syl3

    i have an irrelevant comment :p … the romanian/european system does not count floors but elevation levels. it calls the first floor “ground floor” and then starts counting from 1. so the 5th floor for them is the 6th floor for americans.

  7. cole

    Yes, this is true. The interesting thing is that he quit school at 13. And it was 5th floor from where he threw the laptops. He is facing 3-15 years in jail. For doing what? Showing lame a$%% from eBay that their security is a joke

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