eBay One Way Feedback Giving Buyers FREE Items

eBay is attempting to clean up their site by making changes to the feedback system. Sellers will no longer be allowed to leave Neutral or Negative Feedback for buyers. This new Feedback rule is opening the door to bad buyer fraud! 😡

Scamming and Extorting Buyers have been a serious problem for car dealer vehicle sellers for years. If a buyer had good feedback or was a seller any threats of extortion were somewhat negotiable. Example “You neg me – I’ll neg you back.”

This new feedback policy leaves sellers at the mercy of shady buyers looking to get money back after the deal. Doc feels it is a major train wreck for eBay car dealers.”

eBay Original Feedback Community Values

Doc thinks back to when he sold automobiles on eBay Motors. He remembers paying out around $3,000 extortion money in a year. He traded a check for positive feedback. eBay was no help – they took the sellers fees but wouldn’t do anything to protect sellers!

This guy was the postal worker from hell! Trying everything possible to get $1000 back from Doc on this gorgeous 1973 Lincoln Mark VII. Doc managed to turn his threats around by filing a complaint with the post office. mark-4.jpg

The whole idea of this posting is – eBay is wanting to brown nose their buyers – while tossing the sellers to the wolves! Doc thinks this new feedback policy really sucks!

We’re not talking about Beanie Babies or Gently Used Undergarment sellers. The eBay vehicle seller is in a whole different world than eBay core. Doc fears that this new feedback policy will have dire consequences on eBay’s vehicle sellers.

Sleazy buyers will flock to eBay Motors looking for a great deal – and then will hold the seller hostage for $$$ in lieu of negative feedback.

eBay Motors needs Car Dealer Staff experienced in the trade who can mediate situations that arise and help both parties come to an agreement.

Doc once discussed starting an arbitration panel to mediate vehicle disputes. It would work by volunteer Motors car dealers helping buyer and seller come to an amicable situation. Automating this process with a bot will not solve the problem.

Oh well.. Just our two cents worth on the subject. 🙄

12 Thoughts to “eBay One Way Feedback Giving Buyers FREE Items”

  1. Doc

    Interesting, CrazeeNyDriver removed the audio track from this video from 2008 where he urged eBay members to go on strike!

  2. John T Booker

    You would not believe what crazeenydriver does to sellers and his own customers. The reason I was kicked off is because hubcapjoes on ebay reported my account to ebaymotors. I was a new seller at the time, I learned never to give out your seller name to anyone.

  3. Doug

    All I can say is Thank you for this website. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks ebay is an unresponsive, repugnant, seller-hating institution. I wish we could do more to organize a mass boycott.

  4. James

    Well, eBay’s done it again! I’m so mad at eBay right now I could spit.

    First, they started sending me notes, saying things like my shipping was too high when compared to others. What?

    What’s eBay going to do next, dictate the selling price for my items?

    Now, with all of the new changes concerning feedback, eBay sucks big time.

    I just received my first “neutral” feedback from a buyer who didn’t read the “sold as-is” caveat on my item listing. eBay regulations state that a neutral won’t affect your feedback rating. Well, I’m here to tell you—it does now! eBay just sent me a note saying that with all of the new changes, a neutral is now considered a “non-positive”, because there is usually “an issue” connected to a neutral. Not on MY end, there isn’t!


  5. Anonymous

    More on the numbers pumping over here.

  6. Bill

    Today (May 1) marks the second round of seller defiance (strike/boycott) to eBay policies. While I am all for the rights of the people… I can’t help but wonder if in this global environment of the Internet these types of actions can truly be effective or for that matter even measureable. I certainly fight for people’s right to voice an opinion but in the back of my mind I can’t help but wonder to what end result?

  7. Chris

    Sounds very similar to my experince with ebay motors. But the real issue is that they try to automate everything so they won’t have to ever deal with you and step in to resolve issues. Had I known what a hassle it would turn into I would have just put an ad in the Autotrader. I can’t even express my complete frustration with ebay’s inability to resolve my issue. I sincerely hope they go bankrupt.

  8. todd mccann

    when i click on belair 150/210 all i get is newer cars if i was looking for a new car i would not be in collecter cars.where i live i could buy a new car cheaper than on ebay and wouldn’t have to drive three hundred miles. i just can’t see putting new cars in this catagorie.

  9. Michele

    I only wish I could put these sick feelings into words as well as you can.

    As far as this statement goes, I can only say I blew my ice water all over my keyboard when I read it. Like, we all haven’t been asking for this for years?

    I’m referring to: “Ebay needs to be more pro-active in dispute resolutions.” Like that’s ever going to happen. NOT.

    Whoever you are, please keep posting and keep the video’s rolling. You’re driving home many points…not just for “eBay Motors”, but for ALL sellers.

    In short, we need you. And we need you in as many places on the net and in the “real” world as possible.

    Keep up the great work. (At least I know I’m not alone…everyone is whining but no one is DOING anything about any of this!) Are we ALL afraid? Of what? Why?

    eBay has to be stopped..and stopped NOW!

    Again, thanks for the video’s:)

  10. Jim

    I must say I can see both sides of this. Having had my 100% rating smashed by a retaliatory negative feedback. The problem for buyers is that they are less inclined to be honest about the transaction if the fear of a neg feedback is presented. In my case, the seller had nearly 30 complaints in 2 years all of the same thing, selling items other than those pictured, and had nearly 60 neutrals not including the mutually withdrawn.

    Ebay needs to be more pro-active in dispute resolutions.

    By the way… GEORGOUS car!

  11. reid hudson

    Oh, That is real intelligent! Why don’t you just give everyone 100% feedback because if you can’t leave neutral or negative feedback then what the heck is the point!!!! Typically if someone gets negative feedback, they probably deserve it!!!!! Just leave the feedback alone and concentrate on more important areas that are being ignored such as the disgustingly high volume of scams going on. I have heard people say that eBay is now sCambay.

  12. NY Dice

    I remember that story with the postal worker when it happened. It is the gift that keeps on giving. I’ve been saying this for years that I’m going to get my own website and stop relying on eBay. This time I’m going to do it. With all of the fees they are charging and the unfair tactics we really have to move on to something else. What have you been up to lately? Are you still in the auto business? I hope you are doing well.

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