Export Car Buyer From Norway claims this 1978 Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine bought from an eBay Seller was Misrepresented!

After receiving the vehicle he is claiming it is a piece of junk. Buyer claims the cars mileage was misrepresented. Said it runs real rough at idle (burnt valves possibly.) Lousy quick paint job. Photos link.

From the motors discussion board: Item number 391019289987, Advertised as a MINT 32000 mile car, but received a piece of junk!!!

Looks closer to a 230.000 mile than even a 130.000 mile car, With the cheap quick dollar POOR REPAINT!!

Engine very poor and bad running, firing o 6-7 cyl.on idle.

Both side’s of exhaust manifold leaks heavily. very noisy and exhaust fumes in car!

Inside rear door light, has no glass. of cause kept out of the picture’s at the Ebay

RH Footrest heavily worn , of course kept out of the photograph’s.

Molding from vinyl roof at rear window , out of the clips , hanging loose!!! of course kept out of photographs!!

New muffler, but poor, bad amateur welding, leaking at both side of muffler, very noisy!!

Car comes with new 50 amp battery for a 4 or small 6 cyl. (for a factory limo??)

PS I’m not a 20 year old driver, but drive 45 years USA cars, and importing 37 years American cars!!

This seller covered his butt legally by adding an AS-IS Disclaimer to his auction. As it is often said in the car business. Buyer Beware! And There’s an ASS for every seat! Folks, Inspect FIRST Before Even Sending A Deposit! Don’t Get Ripped Off!

Folks it’s imperative to have any vehicle purchased over the internet Inspected First Before Sending Payment! Be sure to read my popular article “Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Advice” before committing to any vehicle transaction on the internet!

Update 03/28/2015: It’s true that eBay Forum Censorship is alive and well in 2015. The board topic this export car buyer posted has been deleted! I should have screen captured an image of it, but it’s in the above screen recorded video. eBay is now removing any traces from Google’s cache as well preventing recovery.

That’s how eBay keeps export and other car buyers safe. Delete any message that says one of their top rated sellers misrepresented a vehicle. eBay Top Rated Sellers are not above the law. Even though eBay assumes it is!

Old cars are just that – old cars. But that mileage statement could possibly be prosecuted. There could be service records for that 1978 Cadillac at a dealership. Federal law says an odometer will not be tampered with. Chances are this cars title read “exempt” where the mileage normally would be. That’s how it is done in Florida by the DMV. The law makes no exception for tampering or improperly misrepresenting mileage on odometer exempt vehicles (10 years old or older.)

As usual just my two cents worth 😉