Buyer Using PayPal To Extort Money On $1175 Car

Here is a perfect example of how buyers are extorting money from sellers with eBay’s good graces!

eBay Feedback ExtortionThis seller offered a 1983 Renault Le Car on eBay Motors. The car was properly represented and sold for only $1175.00. It had only 93,900 original miles, and for a car that is 27 years old, that averages out to being driven roughly 3400 miles per year. Really low miles if you consider how old it is.

It is just what the seller said it was, nothing less – nothing more. Here is the listing on eBay Motors: 280377443059 Also below is a screen grab if eBay pulls the listing, or after 60 days will not be visible anyway.

Just what in the heck does this guy think he was buying for $1175.00? A show quality collectible car?

It all boils down to eBay allowing buyers to extort money from sellers! eBay is buyer positive and seller negative. If your a seller on eBay or eBay Motors I’m sure you have experienced this situation.

Give me $$ back or i will do this.  The seller didn’t give in to the extortionists demands and took the negative feedback. The buyer actually went to PayPal and sent the seller a payment request for $250.00 and even put in writing he would remove the feedback and leave a positive if the seller sent the money!

1983 Renault LeCar Sold On eBay Motors For #1175.00 Item Number: 280377443059
1983 Renault LeCar Sold On eBay Motors For #1175.00 Item Number: 280377443059
Feedback Left By BmcPartsGarage. Note eBay Removed The Sellers Reply!
Feedback Left By BmcPartsGarage. Note eBay Removed The Sellers Reply!
PayPal Extortion Email From The Buyer Of Bobsclassiccars 1983 Renault LeCar
PayPal Extortion Email From The Buyer Of Bobsclassiccars 1983 Renault LeCar

The seller wrote to eBay’s Radio D.J. Uncle Griff AKA Uncle Grief about the situation. It has been said Griff can help in situations like this. The seller forwarded all the extortion emails, along with the extortion request from PayPal including full headers.  This was eBay’s Reply.

eBay Customer Service Reply To Seller From Colton, eBay's CS Rep.
eBay Customer Service Reply To Seller From Colton – Griff’s Assistant.

This is concrete proof that eBay could care less for their long time sellers – and that eBay fully graces buyers and gives them the right to extort money from their sellers!

18 Thoughts to “Buyer Using PayPal To Extort Money On $1175 Car”

  1. FULL DISCLOSURE from the seller with a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE is the best way. If Honest Bob had disclosed the flaws, maybe the buyer wouldn’t be unhappy. If he still was, give him his money back and move on. There are indications here that Bob was less than honest and did not disclose the actual condition of the car; shame on you Bob. And no; the buyer should not be required to fly out in person or have the seller’s truth verified by a $400 inspection service. There is no excuse for fraudulent misrepresentation. Full & honest disclosure is mandatory for a satisfactory buyer/seller experience.

    1. Bob Weber

      TO …db2sub1…what planet do you live on?…I was the seller, the car matched the description,period…it was stated in the auction it had rust that needed tended to…The buyer inspected it at my house after winning…if he truly was concerned,, he could have just refused the car….and paid for it and drove it back 2 counties…Was all about money for feedback

  2. Steve Watson

    Agreed. I used to buy vehicles for my dealership all the time on ebay. Would fly to various cities to pck them up. Several times, the picture listed was not the actual vehicle.


    And if you read the original auction,it stated in 2 sections that bodywork was needed to bring it to the next level…Buyer only worked the ebay system to the max,IMO.


    Also, the buyer wanted to KEEP the car and get a partial refund…NEVER did he say he wanted to return the car or get a FULL REFUND….it was all about money back before leaving feedback,and money back for removing the neg…I didnt pay,therefore the neg…Speaks volumes in my book.Ebay only encourages this type of action with their current policy!


    The above post is a complete fabrication..NO ONE ever came to inspect the car other than the winning bidder.IMO,this post is from one of his buddies and should be removed by the website owner…$300 offere,yeah right…The buyer was a young guy who apparently had a buddy write this…and oh yeah,BTW,after he bought it, he had it on ebay with about a $2500 markup…Just another reason why feedback extortion for money shouldnt be allowed ,and we sellers should be able to leave negs for bad buyers!

  6. Don

    I just ran across this post and felt I needed to comment. I saw the original posting of this Renault on E-BAY and was very interested in the car. I almost hit the buy it now but was luckily beat to it buy this seller. When the car came back up on the market the second time from this seller I went to look at it. This car was absolutely misrepresented by BOBSCLASSICARZ. The pictures did not show missing rockers and holes in the body. If I remember correctly there was a section of the inside front fender missing that was blatantly cropped out of the pictures. Yes I agree, this purchaser should have looked at the car in person before buying it. I also believe a seller on EBAY should advertise honestly. If I did not look at this car in person I would completely put the blame on the buyer, but in this case the buyer deserved all of his money back. If it makes any difference the car was for sale locally for half of what it was purchased for on E-BAY, no extortion here. After looking at the car I offered $300.00 for it, but seller didn’t let it go. Shame on you BOB for misleading a vehicle and then having the nerve to even write this post!

  7. Doc

    Yep Newbie, that’s how you put the screws to an eBay seller. But be sure to pick one of their TRS. They should pay faster than others..

    Here is a letter the seller received from Uncle Griff..

    From: Griffith, Griff
    To: bobsclassiccars
    Sent: Wed, Nov 11, 2009 7:44 pm
    Subject: RE: IV%MM0001 MC011 bobsclassicarz: Urgent information about your eBay account [#US 100881T A11 ?01 ] (KMM8803193I15977L0KM)

    Mr. Weber,

    Thanks for the information (I don’t have access to the original email thread and I was not remembering the details).

    In this case, Trust and Safety, after careful and lengthy review, determined that this was not feedback extortion. The intent of the buyer asking for a partial refund (which in and of itself does not constitute feedback extortion) was to redress what he believed to be a misrepresentation of the vehicle’s condition. You may disagree with his belief but in the end, it is the buyer who pays for the item and has the right, upon delivery of the item, to assess the item’s condition. In this case, the simple result was the buyer was not happy. That was the reason for his request. He didn’t purchase the item with the sole prior intent of extorting you for funds or services. This is the important distinction.

    The buyer wasn’t leaving you negative feedback because he only wanted money back. He was leaving you negative feedback because he was unhappy with the vehicle and wanted redress. In this instance, he felt a partial refund would redress his dissatisfaction with the vehicle.

    I do recall the listing to some extent and remember that there were not a lot of close up photos of the places on the vehicle displaying the condition issues. This was most likely the source of the problem with the buyer.

    Mr. Weber, I won’t mislead you. Trust and Safety won’t be reversing their findings for this case. They have ruled that this was a case of buyer dissatisfaction with the item purchased and not a case of a buyer purchasing with the sole intent of extorting you for money.


    Jim Griffith

  8. Newbie

    Let me get this straight…I can buy a car on ebay, take delivery, decide later that I want some money back, tell the seller to give me the amount of my choosing back and if the seller doesn’t agree I can leave neg fb then tell the seller I’ll remove the neg fb for a fee then send him a Pay Pal invoice for fb removal? Is that how ebay works? cool. I’m going to go bid on a car AND a boat. It’s the only place I know where I can tell the seller how much I’ve decided to pay him after I take delivery.

  9. another one on your side

    I see the ad clearly stated it had rust…Buyer did no inspection.This is Ohio.For the price he got a nice car,not a NEW-RUST-FREE one.Doesnt change the facts that for money he would not neg the seller initially,and doesnt change the fact that for money he would remove the neg…Show the buyers true intent in my opinion.Typical ebay scammer.And we sellers are powerless to do anything.

  10. Greg

    OHIO, The birthplace of RUST!

    Lets see here, LOCAL buyer in OHIO buys an old OHIO car then complains about RUST!

    That’s Funny!!!

  11. Luis

    I’m the owner of that car know. I bought it locally here in ohio and i can really see that mr weber is a liar. he put the car pictures in e-bay in a way that totally hides the rust in the car. This are not easy body fixes like he tries to state in his description of the car and pictures. It is true that you must see what you buy, but this guy deserves that negative feedback.

  12. Greg

    Who cares if the car was a POS when it was new! If some buyer didn’t do their homework that’s too bad. But ebay is giving the buyers the right to scam their sellers, they just don’t care about nobody but the buyer!

    As for the collection managers statement above, it’s the POS buyers that you give loans to that live in trailer parks, and other slum dumps that don’t know how to maintain a car that is the real problem. Kids spilling ice cream and soda on the seats, retarded adults who never wash a car or change the oil. It’s the same today with Kia’s and other little shit boxes that get repossessed.

  13. another one on your side

    To Bob Larson,so you dont like the car?…what does that have to do with the fact the buyer tried to extort money in 2 separate emails,PLUS sent a paypal invoice stating what the $250 was for?

  14. Bob Larson

    This car was a piece of crap from the day it was introduced. I was a collection manager at a local bank back in 83-84, and had to reposses 3 to 5 of these things a month. Most wholesalers wouldn’t even bid on them at the auction. Most of them were 1st payment defaults. When they sold at auction it was always betweem 1,500 and 3.000 dollars. These were current model cars usually with less than 10k on the odometer, and had sold new for anywhere between 2,995 and 4,500 dollars. This guy should be glad he found some chump to take it off his hands. He was the one who ripped off the buyer. My condolences to you Mr. Buyer.

  15. Someone on your side

    eBay motors and eBay in general is a joke when it comes to customer service. We even have an account manager who doesn’t know crap about the marketplace. I’ve stumped him several times and he even stopped responding for a few weeks because I was driving him crazy. Go figure I was just asking help on eBay’s BS policies. At one point I asked for feedback removal on a NPB who didn’t respond to the UID. The feedback was removed within 72hrs, but with the removal I received a policy violation on the account! My manager told me someone pressed the wrong button and its all automated and couldn’t be stopped. My account manager than told me not to worry about it and let it stand on the account. Small violation or not I wanted it removed because it was false. I wrote eBay 7 times to remove the violation! 6 of the 7 times eBay reps telling me know. out of those 6 times I received 4 different reasons! Idiots plain and simple. Now on the 7th reply they finally removed it, but the moron rep removed it with the wrong reasoning. I laughed a little bit and said o-well at least its removed. All in all the moral of this story is I know more about the marketplace than most eBay representatives. I think in order to work at eBay you should have sold more than a few thousand items on eBay and have an active account selling an item here and there just to keep updated on how the marketplace works from a seller and buyers perspective.

  16. sable & chrome

    I know what you mean. I bought a subaru svx and the picture was not the actual car. when i came to pickup car it was on a lift at the shop where i was not allowed to go into”regulations” getting its “finishing touches” to the transmission. I pay for car and it is brought down not being same car as presented. Just the same vin# not even the same shade of green. AWD didn’t even function after it’s “finishing touches” The picture of the svx had been downloaded from a subaru advertizement. Then another purchase of a moto-guzzi eldorado motorcycle. ended up having an oil leak into clutch and broken top piston rings in both cylinders. That $5000. Bike ended up being an over $4000 build on top of that. Actually have over $13,500 into it now but I can’t include the saddle bags or tires. “TRUST NO-ONE!!!!!”

  17. nolonger an Ebay Cheerleader

    Typical Ebay reply. Bury their heads in the sand. Welcome to the new Ebay where buyers can stick up EBM sellers with Ebay’s approval.

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