eBay seems to be moving away from their eBay Motors Brand, and are changing their vehicle listing format to resemble eBay core.

When looking at cars on the site, nowhere is the wording “eBay Motors.” Just last week it was discovered their eBay Motors Facebook business page had vanished.

It’s my personal opinion that early scams and seller misrepresentation that went uncorrected for over 10 years has cooked eBay’s golden goose but good.

They refuse to verify vehicle sellers before a listing goes live. If you didn’t know it, there are no seller restrictions on car sellers. Anyone can set up an account and list say a Rolls Royce or other high dollar car that might not be theirs.

Last summer literally hundreds of late model vehicle phishing scams dotted eBay Motors landscape. One fraudster was attempting a bank wire phishing deposit scam that also would steal your identity.

This morning i took a drive over to eBay and browsed the newly listed cars. It didn’t take long to put a list of suspected scams together.

The sellers were listing late model Audi’s Mercedes-Benz, Toyota SUVs and cancelling all the bids and re-listing the cars. Could be phishing scams and hustling bidders with fraudulent second chance offers. I have seen that done many more times than i can remember.

Another possibility is someone is manipulating the system and if the bids do not get high enough just cancel and end the listing. eBay gives the 1st 6 listings free. They also give the 1st 4 photos free. Reserve and featured fees are optional. If the auction ends with a winning bid there is a $125 fee.

I screen grabbed these few and listed them as highly suspicious. Google has pretty much removed old VIN data from their index making it hard to narrow down who owns a motor vehicle listed for sale.

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