One Thought to “eBay 250,000 Best Offer On GM Dealers Equinox”

  1. Allan Kraig

    Look, This is very simple .. It’s the end on this years 3rd QTR & donahoes 4th QTR where it looks like sales will be the lowest ever reported … All it takes is a few auctions like this, The over billing with TURBO LISTER reported the other nite & some other tom foolerie AND THEN JD can puff the numbers up so it looks like his changes are working and he’s a genius 🙁 .. We all know long term that they aren’t, but its crunch time for ol john there’s talk of kicking him to the curb for poor performance & too much pay .. the figures for the end are not just cash received, It also includes receivables for the QTR too .. So look for the skype loot & more mixed into the mix to make this look like the best QTR ever .. These were favorite tricks of MEGS the last few years to boost her pay (read meg fiddled while ebay burned all over the web) then all meg had to do was go back after a month or so & then enter in the corrections .. LOL like creskin .. POOF !!! ..

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