No FREE Shipping From This eBay Car Dealer

Another tale of woe from an eBay Motors Car Buyer

Seller advertised FREE Shipping with Buy It Now on this gorgeous 1996 Cadillac Eldorado ESC. Buyer claims seller shipped the car COD.

On another car recently sold, a Land Rover Freelander. The buyer negs the seller and says “Bad communication,13 days no title or car. tried to stick me with the shipping.

Updated 08/15/2014: I see the mods pulled the below motors board post where this cars buyer posted about his bad experience buying on eBay Motors. Sweeping alleged bad deals like this one under the rug by deleting forum posts does not stop bad word from spreading. Every buyer that that gets screwed by a bad seller runs and tells everyone he knows not to buy a car on eBay.

eBay Palm Beach Car Collector NARU

Updated 08/05/2014: eBay is showing this seller is now NARU (not a registered user.) An eBay seller for less than 30 days and now suspended. Possibly burned up another account before this one.

It’s my opinion that Trust and Credibility built the Motors site back in the early days. You could by a car several states away or in another country, and be assured you would receive it as described. Raw deals like this example have chipped away at the company’s cornerstone of trust.

It’s bad enough that you can no longer trust your trading partner when purchasing motor vehicles online sight unseen. If a buyer does not have a vehicle inspected before purchasing, that buyer is taking a risk that the car may have problems or not be as described by the seller. Now a buyer can not trust a seller that promises free vehicle shipping.

Apparently this is the same seller that ripped off a retiree living on social security trying to replace a car totaled in an accident. This complaint said he received a non running flood car and was stuck with the shipping too. IF this is the same person a background check by eBay would have prevented these members from allegedly being ripped off.

Possibly the motors folks might consider verifying vehicle sellers as i have suggested many more times than i can remember.

eBay Motors would have been a HUGE Vehicle Marketplace had they took a stand against fraud and bad members when this sites reputation started getting bad. It also appears to me that alleged bad buyers taking advantage of sellers are also doing their part in killing the tiny bit of credibility that this place once had. 😥

From the eBay Motors Forum: “I would advise anybody buying a vehicle from palm-beach-car-collector his name is Justin Spector. Do not buy from Justin Spector in del-ray Florida he promises free shipping then turns around and sends a vehicle COD this guy is a crook it cost me another 750.00” Ouch.. That’s gotta hurt!

Palm_Beach_Car_Collector eBay Feedback. Looks like 2 cars sold resulting in 2 two negs.
Palm_Beach_Car_Collector eBay Feedback. Looks like 2 cars sold resulting in 2 two negs.

Looks like a nice old Eldorado. Seller did a great job in his listing with a slew of photos. And he did advertise FREE Shipping with Buy It Now.

eBay Item 281386060266 1996 Cadillac Eldorado ESC Palm Beach Car Collector
eBay Item 281386060266 1996 Cadillac Eldorado ESC Palm Beach Car Collector

eBay Motors used to be a trustworthy resource to buy a car. Whatever happened to the good old days? 😥

eBay Motors Forum Discussion About Palm Beach Car Collector Allegedly Sticking Buyer With Car Shipping Costs
eBay Motors Forum Discussion About Palm Beach Car Collector Allegedly Sticking Buyer With Car Shipping Costs

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Oh well.. Like i always say, Just my two cents worth about the Big ePay Toilet. 😆

5 Thoughts to “No FREE Shipping From This eBay Car Dealer”

  1. Stranger

    Why not admit that even with all the possible warnings, americans are still falling for these scams. Why is that? Are americans “that” retarded? What type of education do they get to send money to ‘ebay’ to purchase JPG photo? You should leave this comment Doc, unless I’m too right and you’re just fucking ashamed to post this comment for all the fucking retards to see. Hundreds if not thousands are getting scammed daily, using ebay’s image or any imaginary payment ‘system’, because it works ! Most scammers are just using emails to scam people, they just send the jackasses an email from ebay and they send the money! ITS THAT FUCKING EASY!!!!!!!! It’s not ebay’s fault you fucking retarded morons!!! Hundreds are getting scammed daily and are too ashamed to report anything and they deserve it.

    1. Doc

      Maybe back in the beginning when all this fraud started, eBay could have educated the community. But Meg Whitman was too busy stuffing her pockets full of money to care about her customers. Lots of new scam victims do not know that eBay Inc is the birthplace of Internet fraud.

  2. CJ 5,000 complaints in the last few hours.

    1. Doc

      In my personal opinion #eBay is a data dump. All those algorithms they have running, it’s a domino effect. John Donahoe is the humpty dumpy of the ePay Toilet.

  3. CJ

    eBay is down. Has been down for several hours. Can’t log onto seller acount or go to any of my listings. Says cannot find the user id. ebay forums are blowing up!

    I’m thinking the only way to compete here is to use throway accounts and not misrepresent items: but be evasive about the shipping, don’t describe all flaws, stop going above and beyond and showing 50 photogrpahs, only photograph the basics, use puff words, make rushed deals with buyers, etc. Crazy Driver says rushed deals never work. I beg to differ!

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